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Brown: Partnership balances Blue Mountains uses

Cooperation kept mill open, brought new investment, improved forest health.

Goldman: Nothing, nobody goes away forever

Everything and everyone lives on in “the cloud,” casting an eternal shadow.

Juel: A-to-Z Timber Sale a bad idea, and a bad model

Allowing company funded environmental reviews opens way to private control of national forests.

Sen. Chris Coons: Congress must pay for Mideast wars

Trillions spent, but no taxes imposed, giving every American but troops and their families no personal stake in the conflicts.

Neely: Make 2016 the Year of the Woman

Paid family leave would do much to bind infants to parents, and parents to their employers.

Joseph R. Mason: Open federal lands to energy development

Removing restrictions would boost GDP, increase jobs and revenues.

Jay Schwartz and Tom Soeldner: Public loses if water grab legislation passes

The latest water grab in Eastern Washington – S. 1694, now moving through Congress – has more holes than a wormy apple. S. 1694 would pump Lake Kachess, mostly for …

Eyal Winter: Candidates fan irrational fear of terrorism

Odds of death by so many other means are far more likely.

Drivers, not roads, key to safety

Drivers, not roads, key to safety You have an article in the Dec. 20 Spokesman-Review about recent fatalities on highways 195 and 26. We all should feel deep sympathy for …

Share, help others to commemorate Christmas

President Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 Christmas message

Century Link drops ball

CenturyLink drops ball I agree with Ms. Dickelman and Cohen. I too discovered that CenturyLink’s lackadaisical approach to customer care and service went way beyond reproach. From the arduous task …

Female workers deserved better

Amid the furor and finger-pointing around sexual harassment and assault allegations involving former Spokane Chief of Police Frank Straub, one group seems to have been pushed to the sidelines: the …

Spokane family yearns for release of imprisoned father.

Journalist jailed, tortured in Uzbekistan for telling the truth.

Susan Hallett: Family history teaches lesson of bigotry, respect

Grandfather’s help rewarded decades late with formal visit, asparagus.

Ken Vanden Heuvel: Reform 1872 mining law to protect wilderness

Two proposed mines endanger pristine corner of Kootenai National Forest.

Ramesh Ponnuru: Gun control, mental health reform only do so much

benefits of changes would help but not solve violence problem.