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Rosdahl, Jacobs Say Goodbye To SR

Well, this is it – my last work for The Spokesman-Review. Although the exact date isn’t available, this business column first was published in 1985, the same year I became the journalism instructor at North Idaho College. So, if I scribble a little math (not often easy for a words person), that’s 25 years. Take that times about 50 columns a year for about 1,200 total. Since each column contains four-plus items, and I’ve written about nearly 5,000 businesses. Whew, No wonder I retired, and that’s just from NIC! I get teary just thinking about it/Nils Rosdahl, SR Handle Extra. More here.

DFO: Handle Extra and most of its columnists made their last appearance Sunday. Huckleberries print and Betsy Russell's Boise column will continue in a weekend edition paper of the Spokesman-Review.