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  • TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013

    Lightening up

    DALLAS – If you weigh 326 pounds and can’t wear a seat belt, fit into a restaurant booth or walk more than a few yards without stopping for breath, the …

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 2013

    Quick fixes to life start in the kitchen

    We’ve all heard the news: Cooking at home is the remedy for a host of budget and health concerns that many of us struggle with today. Want to save money …

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 2013

    farmers markets

    IDAHO Wednesdays

  • TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013

    Tracing the roots of Celiac

    Q. As far back as I can remember, my stool has floated. I never worried about it until I saw something on the web about pancreatic cancer and floating poop. …

  • TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013

    Gluten-free diet may ease gas, bloating

    DEAR DOCTOR K: I’m a healthy young person, but I tend to have a lot of gas, bloating and diarrhea. Could a gluten-free diet help me? DEAR READER: Gluten-free eating …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2013

    Why beets lower blood pressure

    Doctors love scientific explanations for how things work. That is why they are quick to prescribe medications for a variety of conditions. Food and Drug Administration approval provides reassuring evidence …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013

    New standards give hope to binge eaters

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At one time or another, Jana Begor has tried most of the commercially advertised diets, not to mention the grapefruit diet and the cabbage soup diet. She …

  • MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2013

    Chief fruit, veggie inspector retires after 43-year career

    Jim Quigley figured the job would be right up his alley. Raised on a wheat, potato and hay farm in the Tri-Cities, the 21-year-old Quigley took a temporary job inspecting …

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2013

    Industry haggling delays final menu-labeling rules

    WASHINGTON – Diners will have to wait a little longer to find calorie counts on most restaurant chain menus, in supermarkets and on vending machines. Writing a new menu labeling …

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013

    Judge rules out NYC soda ban

    NEW YORK – A judge struck down New York City’s pioneering ban on big sugary drinks Monday just hours before it was supposed to take effect, handing a defeat to …

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013

    Eating meat linked to disease, early death

    Another study has found an association between eating meat and premature death, this time linking the consumption of bacon, sausage and other processed meats with cardiovascular disease and cancer in …

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 2013

    National Nutrition Month spotlights healthy eating habits

    March is full of fun things to celebrate. It is National Caffeine Awareness Month, as well as National Flour, Frozen Food, Noodle, Peanut and Sauce Month. There’s a recipe in …

  • THURSDAY, FEB. 28, 2013

    Young chefs have an appetite to learn

    Drake Johnson takes Cheney Middle School’s after-school ethnic cooking class because the 14-year-old likes to eat. Alicia Fowler, 12, has a practical reason: “I’m depending on being a chef when …

  • THURSDAY, FEB. 28, 2013

    Sugar, not obesity, may drive diabetes

    WASHINGTON – In a finding certain to put new pressure on the purveyors of sugary foods and drinks, a worldwide analysis shows that regardless of its effect on obesity, the …

  • TUESDAY, FEB. 26, 2013

    Mediterranean-style diet found to lower heart risks

    Pour on the olive oil, preferably over fish and vegetables: One of the longest and most scientific tests of a Mediterranean diet suggests this style of eating can cut the …

  • MONDAY, FEB. 18, 2013

    School lunches offer more nutrition, variety

    When an 8-year-old says his favorite vegetables are broccoli and green beans, some people might be inclined to think the child is fibbing. Changes to the National School Lunch Program …

  • THURSDAY, FEB. 14, 2013

    With new label, Monster will be just a drink

    NEW YORK – Monster Beverage Corp. is changing the labeling on its cans so that its energy drinks will no longer be considered dietary supplements, a move that changes the …

  • TUESDAY, FEB. 12, 2013

    Salt in many processed foods being trimmed

    NEW YORK – Salt has quietly been slipping out of dozens of the most familiar foods in brand-name America, from Butterball turkeys to Uncle Ben’s flavored rice dishes to Goya …

  • SATURDAY, FEB. 2, 2013

    USDA crafting new school food rules

    WASHINGTON – Goodbye candy bars and sugary cookies. Hello baked chips and diet sodas. The government for the first time is proposing broad new standards to make sure all foods …

  • THURSDAY, JAN. 31, 2013

    Obesity ideas not always correct

    Fact or fiction? Sex burns a lot of calories. Snacking or skipping breakfast is bad. School gym classes make a big difference in kids’ weight. All are myths or at …

  • WEDNESDAY, JAN. 30, 2013

    Healthy oats help feed hungry

    Nick Murto began making his own oatmeal a few years ago as part of a diet makeover. The change propelled him to look for ways to find fresh oatmeal at …

  • TUESDAY, JAN. 29, 2013

    Against the grain

    Alicia Troye was exhausted, and her joints hurt. “Everything hurt, all the time,” she said. She was 37. Her doctor ruled out arthritis, thyroid problems and other potential causes of …

  • TUESDAY, JAN. 29, 2013

    Your best medicine

    “A vitamin is a substance that makes you ill if you don’t eat it,” said Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937. He understood …

  • FRIDAY, JAN. 18, 2013

    Yelp to carry restaurant health-inspection grades

    NEW YORK – Reviews site Yelp is adding restaurants’ health-inspection grades to its site, giving users yet another filter through which they can decide where to eat. Yelp Inc. said …

  • THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 2013

    Energy drinks tied to emergency room trips

    SAN FRANCISCO – A new government survey suggests the number of people seeking emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled nationwide during the past four years, the same period …

  • WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16, 2013

    Making dieting, drinking mix

    The first rule of drinking on a diet is: Don’t. Surely you’ve heard that Americans get way too many calories – and nutritionally empty calories at that – from alcohol. …

  • WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2, 2013

    Brain on fructose doesn’t register feeling full, study finds

    This is your brain on sugar – for real. Scientists have used imaging tests to show for the first time that fructose, a sugar that saturates the American diet, can …

  • TUESDAY, JAN. 1, 2013

    Weight-control system handles portion control

    With two-thirds of U.S. adults overweight, it’s not rocket science to conclude that we don’t have a clue about how much to eat. But now there’s a countertop gadget that …

  • TUESDAY, DEC. 18, 2012

    Diet sodas can stamp your ticket to trouble

    DALLAS – In Laura West’s household, a 24-pack of Diet Coke lasts about a week. She drinks two or three a day, her 15-year-old-son Michael at least that many. “I’ve …

  • TUESDAY, NOV. 27, 2012

    FDA halts operations at peanut butter plant

    WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration halted operations of the country’s largest organic peanut butter processor Monday, cracking down on salmonella poisoning for the first time with new enforcement …



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