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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Suffers Heart Attack

Alex Trebek was in the hospital after suffering a mild heart attack Saturday, the producers of his long-running quiz show “Jeopardy!” said Sunday. The 71-year-old game-show host was under observation and undergoing further testing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., Sony Pictures Television said in a statement. “He is expected to fully recover and be back at 'Jeopardy!' when production begins taping in July for the new season, the show's 29th,” producers said. It's Trebek's second mild heart attack. He was also back at work about a month after the first one, which hit him in December 2007. Trebeck turns 72 on July 22/Los Angeles Times. More here. (AP file photo)

Question: Are you a fan of Alex Trebek's “Jeopardy!” program?

Aspirin A Day Keeps Cancer Away?

Many doctors recommend that patients take a daily dose of aspirin to reduce their risk for a future heart attack or stroke. Now three new studies suggest taking the cheap powdery pill every day can also reduce a person's risk for cancer, or prevent the disease from getting worse in patients who already have it. The studies, all led by Professor Peter M. Rothwell, a professor of clinical neurology at the University of Oxford in the U.K. are published in the March 20 issue of The Lancet and The Lancet Oncology/Ryan Jaslow, CBS News. More here.

Question: Do you take an aspirin daily?

Jones’ Death Hikes Heart Attack Alert

Yesterday, news of Davy Jones’ death lit up Facebook, Twitter and online news sites with frantic reports. Baby Boomers shared nostalgic remembrances of their childhood worship of the Monkees and circulated YouTube clips of Jones’ songs. Less talked about was how he died: a massive heart attack, according to today’s autopsy results. If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, the news of how Jones died might also have given you pause. A heart attack at 66? How likely is that? Could it happen to me?/Melanie Haiken, Forbes. More here. (2001 AP file photo of Davy Jones)

Question: Has the death of Monkee lead singer Davy Jones at age 66 of a heart attack Thursday made you think about your own heart health?

Goodlander Recovers From Heart Attack

Item: Goodlander recovering after heart attack/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Deanna Goodlander is back at home, a little tired, but better than ever, she said. The 13-year Coeur d’Alene City Councilwoman suffered a heart attack on her son’s birthday, July 7, but was released from Kootenai Medical Center on Wednesday. “I’m back at home just recuperating,” Goodlander said Thursday. “And the doctor hasn’t given me any restrictions.”

Question: Do you know individuals who fully recovered from a serious heart attack?

Christie: Thanks For Straight Scoop

Christie Wood: DFO thanks for the update that came straight from (Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander). I am so glad to hear she is on the mend. Employees at the City, and her many friends in the community have been very worried about her. Regardless of the filth spread by people with a complete lack of humanity, Deanna is very dear to city employees. She is supportive, warm, friendly, and involved in activities that promote teamwork, and camaraderie with employees. Deanna is the type of leader our community can be proud of. I think we demonstrate our fondness for her very well by the employee groups consistently endorsing her in elections. Trust me…the Police Association is no push over. If they do not like you there will be no endorsement. Her last opponent (Dan Gookin) can tell you that.

DFO: Deanna checks in here regularly. Feel free to express your good wishes to her in this thread.

Deanna Rebounding After Heart Scare

I just got off the phone with Coeur d’Alene Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander, who is still at Kootenai Medical Center after suffering a heart attack last Wednesday. She told me that she woke up that morning with pain in her hands and asked her daughter to take her to the hospital. At the hospital, she said her heart stopped five times as a result of a blockage of a blood vessel in the back. CPR was performed successfully. Fortunately, a heart specialist was on the scene. He was able to remove the blockage and put a stent in the vessel. Deanna, who was in good spirits despite a badly bruised chest (as a result of the CPR), said that she hadn’t intended to keep her condition secret: “I thought everyone in town knew about this.” She said her doctor advised her that she should take it easy for awhile. She looks forward to getting back at the podium and doing her official work which she enjoys so much.