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Hunters, birders eye forest herbicide use in NE Washington

FORESTS – A Stimson Lumber Co. application to spray herbicides on forest land in Pend Oreille County is drawing concern from wildlife enthusiasts.

Timber companies have been getting permits from the Washington Department of Natural Resources for aerial spraying for years to kill brush that competes in harvested areas with newly planted trees.

But birding groups and some hunters are concerned about the toll the herbicides are taking on native plants and the birds and wildlife that depnd on them, expecially moose.

The Stimson application is for prime moose habitat in the Skookum Lake-Half Moon Lake area as well as around North Baldy and Pelke Divide.

Badger Lake aquatic herbicide permit on hold

LAKES — Dana Strode reports the Pollution Control Hearings Board granted a stay on the herbicide permit issued to control native aquatic plants in front of several properties on the Spokane County lake and popular trout fishery.

Strode is one of seveveral property owners who oppose the permit sought by Bruce Schwan and several other property owners who say the growth of plants has increased, making it difficult to use their boat docks.

I reported details of the controversy in this story published last month. 

The permit was issued to a licensed applicator.