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Vandals hit garden again

The community graden at Northeast Community Center has been vandalized. Plants were pulled up and destroyed, and the water was left running in an effort to wash out the garden beds.
Jean Farmer, executive director of Northeast Community center, said this in an e-mail:
“(vandals) generally caused a lot of grief for those that have put their limited funds, energy and hearts into growing the gardens. They pay for their space and their seeds/plants and use the food to sustain themselves. They bother no one and in several years have held a harvest festival hoping to engage the community around them. I hope there are some neighbors out there who will help figure out how to stop such non-productive acts.”
Please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 if you know who's responsible for ruining part of this summer's harvest.


Primary candidate forum coming up

The Northeast Community Center (4001 N. Cook) is hosting a primary candidate forum on July 28 at 6:30 p.m.
Candidates for city council district 1, position 1, and council president and mayor have been invited.
Don't miss this opportunity to meet the people who will represent your neighborhood.

Here is a list of all candidates for city office:

Mayor: Michael J. Noder, Robert A. Kroboth, Mary B. Verner, David Condon and Barbara Lampert(Incumbent is Mayor Mary Verner)
Council President: Ben Stuckart, Dennis Hession, Steve Corker, Victor Noder
(Incumbent Joe Shogan)
City Council district 1, position 1 (northeast Spokane):
Gary Pollard, Mike Fagan, Luke Tolley, Chris Bowen, John Waite and Donna McKereghan
(Incumbent Bob Apple)
City council district 2, position 1 (south Spokane):
Mike Allen
Richard Rush
(Incumbent is Richard Rush)
City council district 3, position 1 (northwest Spokane):
Steve Salvatori, Joy Jones
(Incumbent is Steve Corker)

For an updated list with contact information for all Spokane County candidates go to the County's election site here.

Want to ride a bull on Market Street?

If so, here's your chance: Hillyard is celebrating Wild West Days on July 16 with lots of activities, vendors and a chili cook-off all day. The center of activities is Big Sky's Tavern at 5510 N. Market Street.
Tickets are on sale for mechanical bull rides - the bull will be contained on the corner of Market Street and Olympic, waiting for mounts big and small.
At 6 p.m. there will be a western-style dinner at Big Sky, catered by The Outlaw Cafe. Steaks, beans, corn on the cob and baked potatoes and a huge salad bar, all for $15.
Get dinner and bull ride tickets at the Outlaw Cafe, 5012 N. Market Street.

Graffiti update -

The city's graffiti abatement officer Eric Walker called yesterday to say that Miller's Paint, Columbia Paint and Sherwin Williams all are offering some discount to property owners cited for graffiti.
Walker said that all property owners have to do to get the good deals is bring in the citation.

Getting there

And here's one last shot from this weekend's Chalk Art Walk, submitted by Luke Tolley. This year's Chalk Art Walk theme was 'Getting There' reflecting on the progress Hillyard has made over the past decade. If you've never been, don't miss this event next year.

Chalk Art Walk draws a crowd

Lots and lots of people come to Hillyard for the annual Chalk Art Walk. The weather wasn't too bad this year, when the artists hit the Market Street sidewalks on Saturday June 18.

Chalk Art Walk repeats success

The Hillyard Blog was on vacation during the Chalk Art Walk and missed one of the best family events in Spokane. This year's theme was 'Getting There' and as always kids of all ages lined the sidewalks and colored away. Luke Tolley shared a few photos with the blog - including this one featuring young artist Ryan Schatz.

The blog is back -

- from vacation, just in time for the sun to come out.
Hey, does anyone have some great pictures from the Hillyard Chalk Art Walk this weekend?
E-mail them to piah@spokesman.com and I'll share some on the blog.

And here's a link to the early edition of the Hillyard Festival Gazette. This is the 100th anniversary of the Hillyard Festival and it runs from August 5 to August 7. I know the good folks behind the festival need all the help they can get as this year's festival is bigger than it's been in years.
The Festival Association meets every Tuesday at 6:30  p.m. at the North East Community Center - just show up - or call Luke Tolley at (509) 475-3509.
You can also join the Hillyard Festival Association on Facebook here.

Chalk art show and sale

In the “happening while the blog is on vacation department” here's the flier for one of the upcoming Hillyard events - the annual Chalk Art Show, and a yard sale. Register on the morning of the Chalk Art show - they will even give you chalk to use if you don't have any. This year's theme for artists is “Getting There.”

Follow the Hillyard Festival Association on Facebook here.

Blog vacation

Hello there blog friends - the Hillyard blog is going on vacation starting Thursday, and it will be back in circulation on Monday June 20. You won't see me at the Merchants meeting Wednesday morning, but feel free to e-mail me at piah@spokesman.com
I'll put up a few more posts before I put my feet up :-)

Clean up deadline extended

From Jonathan Mallahan at the office of Neighborhood Services:

If your neighborhood has not yet submitted a clean up application or would like to make changes to your clean-up schedule the application/change deadline is coming up!
The deadline that was outlined at our mandatory clean up orientation and in the clean up packet is June 1st, however, we are extending the deadline to Wednesday, June 8th in order to give you an extra week to make these decisions with your neighborhood.
The purpose of this deadline is to allow for my office to complete the clean-up fund reallocation process. Through this process, funds not utilized or planned to be utilized are reallocated to neighborhoods hosting fall programs based on their relative size. Your neighborhoods funds will not be reallocated if you have planned fall events, the balance from your first allocation carries over into the Fall.
If your neighborhood does not indicate which fall clean-up programs you intend to host by this date, your funds will be reallocated. We would like to avoid reallocating funds that your neighborhood wants to use, so please contact us if you have not yet submitted this information to our office.
Thank you for your help in this matter. As always, we are happy to work with you and your  neighborhood to plan for effective clean up events.
Please feel free to contact me at 625-6734 or George Hollwedel at 625-6733.

Volunteer for Wild West Days

The next planning meeting for Hillyard's Wild West Days is on Friday June 10 at 4 p.m. at the Outlaw Cafe - volunteers are needed to help pull off this annual event, which includes all kinds of western fun. Just show up - your help is needed.

Car Hop wrap up and looking ahead

There were 47 cars entered in the Hillyard Car Hop Saturday and all together the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee made about $340.
It's the first time the HHMC has put on the event and some expenses (banners and such) are one-time expenses.
Closing off Market Street for the parade and getting things done in a timely manner was not a problem.
Over all, the businesses were busy - the Outlaw Cafe sold out of food - and the event was a success.

The next big Hillyard event is the Chalk Art Walk, which takes place on June 18 begining at 10 a.m. It's free. Register on the day. The first 100 artists get a free t-shirt. This year's theme is “Getting There” - by car, food, horse or space shuttle or whatever you can come up with - get the creative juices flowing. June 18 is also the day of the next Hillyard Community yard sale.

Blankets needed

The blog got a call from the Outlaw Cafe (5012 N. Market Street) today saying that there's been an increase in homeless people camping and sleeping around Hillyard. It rained a lot last night, and the nice folks at The Outlaw took in a wet, cold, pregnant and homeless woman this morning. Calls are being made to get her some permanent help, but in the meantime the cafe is asking for donations of clean, whole blankets, tube socks and hats. Drop off donations during opening hours - or bring blankets to donate on Saturday, during the Hillyard Hop.

It’s Hillyard Hop time on Saturday

Hillyard is turning into a 1950's neighborhood on May 28 - complete with a custom car parade and a shown and shine of '50s cars. Register your car at 9 a.m. at the booth on the corner of Bismark and North Market Street - or come watch the parade at 10 a.m.
Hillyard Businesses have specials going on all day, including hamburgers and homemade french fries at the Outlaw Cafe - served up with Coca-Cola in bottles.
Night Hawk is playing from 3-6 p.m.
The events are sponsored by The Gents, Spokane Hotrod Association and the Historic Hillyard Merchant Committee.

Aunt Bea’s Antiques is closing

To most, she's Aunt Bea and she runs the antique store on the corner of Market Street and Olympic, just like she has for the last more than 20 years. Her real name is Beverly Nevin and just today she announced that she's closing her store for good.
“I'm as healthy as I can be, I'm not retiring, I just can't do this anymore,” Nevin said sitting in her shop Wednesday morning. “It's hard to close the store. I love it. I live it. I breathe it. It's my life.”
A recent break in put her back some, but Nevin said in the end it's a slumping economy and lack of consistent sales that made up her mind to close.
“For years, we've been limping along, limping along, just barely making it,” said Nevin, who's had Aunt Bea's in its current location for more than 20 years. Before that, she had a small store on Garland Avenue and she figures she's been in the antique store business for about 35 years.
“It began with yard sales. I got divorced and I'd never worked a day of my life outside the home, so I had to do something,” said Nevin. “I went to yard sales and then sold stuff on my own lawn. From there on it grew and here we are.”
On Saturday, during the Hillyard Hop car show, Aunt Bea's will have a 40 percent off sale all day. And there's plenty of stock: a back room contains about as much as customers see stocked in the store.
Fenton Glass, Duncan Phyfe furniture, scales that came down from Alaska after the Gold Rush, porcelain, paintings, mirrors, chairs — there is literally something for everyone.
And then, of course, there's Aunt Bea, who'll be happy to tell you the story about every single thing in her store. She expects to stay open for another couple of weeks, but is not certain what the future holds.
“I don't want to quit, I don't want to leave,” Nevin said, choking up a little, “but I gotta do it.”

Here’s the deal on Agnes Kehoe

As promised, here's a link to today's story about the Spokane Housing Authority's restoration of the “Old Hillyard High School” which is now the Agnes Kehoe Place. Rumors that the place will be used for sex offender housing is simply false. Read the story here.

Housing Authority at meeting tonight

The Spokane Housing Authority's Art Noll will be at the Hillyard Neighborhood Council meeting tonight, at 6:30 p.m. at the North East Community Center (4001 N. Cook Street). Noll will be answering questions about the restoration of the Old Hillyard High School on Regal and Diamond, which is now being turned into low-income housing.

A few temporary closures in Hillyard

The Outlaw Cafe is updating its power supply and electrical wiring and will be closed Monday and Tuesday, waiting for the final inspection from Avista. The cafe hopes to be open again Wednesday morning.
Aunt Bea's Antiques is going through inventory and reorganizing; the store will be closed through May 27.
And finally, the Hillyard Florist is closed through the end of the week - but is expected to reopen in great form.

Yard sale was successful

The yard sale sponsored by the Hillyard Merchants Committee this past weekend made $501 - and was deemed a success by everyone. Next yard sale is on June 18.
More volunteers are needed to help out with the next sale - especially people who can staff the cash box and help get things organized before and during the sale.

Note: The Spokane Housing Authority was supposed to be here this morning at 8:30 a.m. to talke about the Agnes Kehoe Place - but no one has made it yet.

Hillyard parade fees went up

The fee to be in the Hillyard Parade this year is $20 - that's up from $5 last year. This spurred some discussion this morning, mostly focusing on what to do for children who can't afford to pay $20 to be in the neighborhood parade.
One suggestion is for merchants to pay part of the parade fee for low-income families; another suggestion is to simply not charge kids on bikes and with waggons.
The festival committee decided to raise entry fees because this is the centennial parade and the festival is expected to draw a much larger crowd (and parade) than other years.
Costs associated with porta potties and insurance are higher this year, too.
The Festival Committee has yet to make the final decision on the parade fees.

Agnes Kehoe rumors put to rest

Agnes Kehoe Place, aka the Old Hillyard High School, is being restored and turned into low-income housing by the Spokane Housing Authority. Rumors are circulating that it will be used for sex offenders housing, and the rumors are so persistent that the Housing Authority is sending a representative to Hillyard Wednesday morning to talk to the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee about what's going on.
Just for the record: the housing authority does not allow sex offenders of any kind in its developments.
Look for live blog updates here during tomorrow's meeting - and for a more detailed story in Thursday's Voice section.

Great yard sale - and awards

The Saturday Hillyard Yard Sale got rained on a little bit, but shoppers had a good time in between showers and wind gusts, looking through books and magazines, glass, porcelain, kitchen gear and other gadgets. Stay tuned for an update on how much money was raised.
And in case you missed it, here's a link to the story from last week about Hillyard's Main Street award.
The Greater Hillyard Northeast Planning Alliance and The International District on East Sprague will both be recognized at a potluck reception prior to the city council meeting tonight. Reception is from 5-6 p.m. in the Chase Gallery, just outside city council chambers.

Hillyard Festival Gazette needs submissions

This year's Hillyard Festival is the 100th anniversary of the neighborhood celebration, so the Hillyard Gazette will be publishing more frequently begining at the end of May. Luke Tolley is looking for submissions - news bits, small stories, pictures, historical information - it can all be e-mailed to: Luke.Tolley@gmail.com

The Hillyard Hop is right around the corner

It will be quite a party in Hillyard on May 28 when the '50s Hillyard Hop Car Parade and Show n'Shine takes place. Expect food vendors, childrens activities and the band, Night Hawk.
To enter your car is $15 and registration begins at 9 a.m. at the booth on the corner of Bismark and Market.
The event runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and includes a '50s style sock hop - come dressed for the occation.
The car parade is sponsored by The Gents, Historic Hillyard Merchant Committee and the Spokane Hotrod Association. Call: (509) 487-1138.

It’s yard sale season

The Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee is hosting a yard sale in Hillyard on Saturday, May 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don't miss this great opportunity to forage for some great deals - and of course you can stop at as many other yard sales as you want on your way to Hillyard.

So the blog wants to know: do you yard sale? Have you ever held one? How did it go? And are there special items you are looking for?
The photo is from the Liberty Lake Yard Sale a couple of years ago

Trees planted in Hillyard

The Abor Day tree give-away in Hillyard was a success. About 1,200 trees were given away during the week of Arbor Day - 400 went to North East Youth Center alone. The remaining trees will be planted in and around Hillyard for everyone to enjoy.

Thousands of trees…

Hillyard's participation in Arbor Day this week is going somewhat okay - but there are more than 1,000 trees left. Some are White Pine, some are Ponderosa Pine and some are Spruce.
These trees need homes - stop by a participating store and pick one up.

It’s time to dust off that cruiser

The '50s Hillyard Hop custom car parade and show n'shine is on May 28 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Registration begins at 9 a.m. at a booth on the corner of Market and Bismark. The car parade is sponsored by The Gents, Historic Hillyard Merchant Committee and the Spokane Hotrod Association. It's $15 to enter. There will be food and other vendors all day, as well as a '50s style sock hop. Call: (509) 487-1138

Neighborhood cleanup Saturday

There's a neighborhood cleanup going on in Hillyard and northeast Spokane tomorrow, April 16. Dump passes are available and there will be helping hands on-site, too. The dumpsters will be at Shaw Middle School, located at 4106 N. Cook Street - by the North East Community Center.
Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the clean up runs through 1 p.m.