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Neighborhood cleanup Saturday

There's a neighborhood cleanup going on in Hillyard and northeast Spokane tomorrow, April 16. Dump passes are available and there will be helping hands on-site, too. The dumpsters will be at Shaw Middle School, located at 4106 N. Cook Street - by the North East Community Center.
Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the clean up runs through 1 p.m.

Hillyard Hall of Fame awards

- were handed out Saturday at a dessert event at The Outlaw Café. Here are the winners:

Junior/senior volunteer of the year: Laura O’Brien from O’Brien’s Used Furniture.

Best supporting neighbor: Steve Bucknell of the Hillyard Festival Association.

The ‘design your own award’ winner is: Ross Russell, for Chief Grunt of the Year.

Rookie of the year: Richard Burris, from Hillyard Community Futures, GHBA, and much more.

The Above and Beyond award goes to:

Business – The Outlaw Café, for hosting meeting after meeting, fundraisers and the Hillyard Santa.

Individual – Marv and Vickie Peterson, for all they do to bring the neighborhood together.

Friend of Hillyard Award:

Business – The Exchange newspaper, for helping with advertising and for reaching out to the neighborhood even during tough times.

Individual – Pia Hallenberg with the Spokesman-Review Hillyard Blog, for sharing with the world how great Hillyard is.

Citizen leader of the year: Luke Tolley, because of all the work he does for countless organizations here, and he has a Hillyard crest tattoo on his leg.

And finally, the Hillyard Hall of Fame award goes to Desi Bucknell for her almost 10-year long history of being a leader in the neighborhood.

Congratulations to all.

Tree give-away begins today

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee is giving away a ton of trees. The merchants already have 950 trees ready to give away, and there are 500 more coming… Among them are 200 larger trees specifically designated to children. The trees are given away on a first come first served business. Participating businesses have tree posters in their windows.

Hillyard Parade marshal needed

Please submit nominations for parade marshall for this summer's Hillyard Parade. It's the 100th anniversary festival and parade and the festival committee is looking for people with a strong connection to Hillyard. Visit the organization's Facebook page here to nominate.
Festival parade meeting is on Wednesday, April 20 at 10:30 a.m. at the Outlaw Cafe.

Take a walk in Hillyard

The Greater Hilyard Business Association and the City of Spokane are publishing a walking tour map for Hillyard. The map and brochure is funded by the Washington State of Transportation, and it includes a short survey about their experience walkers may hand in to businesses in Hillyard.
There is some talk about arranging a monthly walking tour in Hillyard - perhaps during lunch hour - to bring visitors to the neighborhood.

(Blogging from the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee meeting this morning)

Northeast Community Center celebration

The Northeast Community Center (NECC) will be holding an open house and grand opening celebration on Tuesday, April 19, at the newly expanded center, located at 4001 N. Cook. Tickets are $9 and can be purchased at NECC or at the door the day of the event.

The festival association meets today

The Hillyard Festival Association meets on April 12 (today) at 6:30pm at the Northeast Community Center, 4001 N. Cook Street. Lots of volunteer positions have yet to be filled and many decisions have to be made to pull off this summer's 100th anniversary festival.

Hillyard is extra green on Arbor Day

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee is giving away seedling trees between April 13 and April 23. Look for a tree in the windows of participating businesses and stop in for a tree and a little shopping.

Design the Hillyard Festival logo

This year is the 100th Hillyard Festival celebration and the good folks on the festival committee are looking for some creative people who can design a killer centennial logo, and a new design of a hobo mascot.
The best of each will win $50 - deadline is April 12 at 4 p.m.
Follow this link for more information.

Hillyard Hall of Fame nominations due

Hurry up and nominate your favorite Hillyard person by using this link  or by picking up a nomination form at the Outlaw Cafe, fill it out and drop it in the box there.
The Outlaw Cafe is also where Hillyard's Annual Community Recognition Banquet will be held on April 9 from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are only $5 - get them at the cafe or by e-mailing Luke Tolley at Luke.Tolley@gmail.com

Golf carts on the streets in Hillyard?

There's a proposal being floated by Hillyard Futures (and supported widely by local business organizations) that would allow golf carts on streets posted at 25 mph within the area between Division and Havana, and Francis and Euclid.
The carts would not be allowed on Division, Nevada, Lincoln Road or any other arterials within that area.
Liberty Park has had a golf cart ordinance since 2006 and Deer Park added one a bit later.
Included in the proposal are seperate lanes, painted on the roads that are wide enough, to be reserved for the carts.
Thoughts? Is this a good idea? How do you feel about neighborhood cart zones?

“Moving at the Speed of Hillyard”

There is some conversation this morning about a new slogan for Hillyard. An old bumper sticker full of misspellings (on purpose) is still around. It reads something like: "I'm from Hillyard an I voat".
One new slogan suggested is:
"Moving at the Speed of Hillyard"

What do you all think? Good? Bad? Suggestions for another slogan? Please leave them here.

Hillyard business update

It's a bit of a quiet morning in Hillyard today - here are a few highlights from the Historic Merchant Committee Meeting:

The Hillyard Festival really, really needs volunteers. It's the 100 year anniversary of the festival and where many people have great plans, volunteers are needed to carry out the work during the festival. The festival is on Aug. 5 through 7.

As part of the north-south freeway project, a pedestrian bridge will be constructed over the tracks between east and west Hillyard. The Washington State Department of Transportation will construct the bridge, but not maintain the sidewalks during winter - the question remains as to who would do that?

The Chalk Art Walk will be happening again this year. It's a very popular event and businesses are trying to find a uniform way to keep the entry to their stores open (kids paint there, too). Other than that, people are looking forward to it. The Chalk Art Walk is on June 11 and this year it includes a community yard sale.

Third District town hall meeting Saturday

Third District legislators Senator Lisa Brown, Representative Timm Ormsby and Representative Andy Billig are having a town hall meeting on Saturday March 12 at Northeast Community Center (4001 N. Cook)
The meeting begins at 10 a.m. You may RSVP at 3rdDistLegis@leg.wa.gov

The forum will be repeated at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (2316 W. Frist Avenue) at 2 p.m. the same afternoon.

North-east development advisory board and stakeholders meeting

This meeting is held at Beacon Hill Events Center (4848 E. Wellesley) on March 2 from 4-5 p.m. I don’t have an agenda to post with this meeting announcement but am thinking it must have to do with the Beacon Hill development and perhaps some of the plans for the industrial area on the east side of the tracks, in Hillyard.

Here's a link that explains a bit more about the process and the projects.

Teri Stripes at City Hall is the official contact: (509) 625-6597

Hobo dinner on March 4

The Hillyard Heritage Museum Society is putting on its Hobo diiner on March 4 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The dinner is at St. Patricks, 2706 E. Queen Avenue. Tickets are $10, and $6 for children younger than 10.
Get your tickets at Greenburo (5220 N. Market Street) or at Hillyard Variety (5009 N. Market Street.

Hillyard Steering Committee canceled tonight

via e-mail from Luke Tolley:
"The Northeast Community Center is closed today, so there will be no Hillyard Steering Committee.
 Please keep and eye out for more information.
Luke Tolley

Carr’s one-of-a-kind museum

Check out this little story and video on Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum. The museum is located at 5225 N. Freya, a little out of the way perhaps, but certainly worth a visit. I mean, where else in Spokane can you see one of Elvis' cars and giraffe under the same roof?

Plant a tree in Hillyard

The Merchants Committee is putting together a tree planting program in connection with Arbor Day (April 29). Young trees - mostly evergreens it sounds like - have been secured and the tree planting program will run begining on Earth Day (April 22).
Stay tuned for details.

How to get a share of the cake

The blog is at the Historic Hillyard Merchants Association meeting this morning and the first item on the agenda is how Hillyard can get a share of the hotel/motel tax that's collected by the city.
What's needed is proof that people are visiting Hillyard from out of town - that could be accomplished by business owners putting out a guest book and ask people where they are coming from.
Another suggestion is to put up a big map during events and let visitors mark the spot they come from.

Wrap up in Hillyard

The meeting is just about over here around 8 p.m. with a few more announcements. Gotta say this group covered a lot of ground tonight. If you live in the area, this would be a good meeting to catch up with.

WDOT and neighborhood clean up -

The Washington Department of Transportation (WDOT) is working it's way through Hillyard with the north-south corridor. Hillyard neighborhood representatives meet with WDOT every week.
There is a bigger cleanup crew than ever before - the three neighborhoods Bemiss, Hillyard and Whitman, April 16 is the date they are looking at. Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
There may be some new disposal options this year, such as clean green and other ways of recycling.

Former Olive It Cafe building discussion

There's some conversation about whether to write a letter in support of the preservation of the building that used to be the Olive It Cafe. Here's the story colleague Jonathan Brunt wrote.
The current owner would like to tear down the historice building - it used to be a grocery store and has "Rex Flour" on the side - and build a gas station and/or car wash.
The Bemiss Neighborhood Council has written a letter in support of the building.
Motion on the floor: should the Hillyard Neighborhood Council also support the preservation of the building?
Some say the building owner has the right to do whatever he sees fit with his property - others would like to preserve one of the few historic buildings in Bemiss.
There's talk of perhaps moving the building - or moving the wall with the "Rex Flour" sign on it.
The Hillyard Neighborhood Council voted to support the letter Bemiss has already written. The letter calls for another 45 days of metigation to try and find a solution and perhaps preserve the building. Motion passed.

Hillyard Futures open office

Hillyard Futures will open an office at 5215 N. Market Street by the end of March. Hillyard Futures used to be the Hillyard Foundation. This organization works on about a dozen community issues in and around Hillyard. The office will be in the old Battleground Game and Toy Shop.

Hobo Dinner coming right up

The Hillyard Heritage Museum is having its annual Hobo Dinner on March 4 at 5:30 p.m. at St. Patrick's Catholic School, 2606 E. Queen. Tickets are $10 and $6 for children younger than 10 years.
Pick up tickets at Hillyard Variety Store, at the Hillyard COPS shop and at the door.

HIAlso, the first Saturday in April, the Hillyard Heritage Museum will have a special display at the MAC in Browne's Addition.

The blog is at the Hillyard Neighborhood Council

Tonight the Hillyard Blog is at the Hillyard Neighborhood Council meeting at the Northeast Community Center (4001 N. Cook Street)

Here are some updates on neighborhood business and activities:
The Festival is turning 100 years old in August - more volunteers are desperately needed. Please join the meetings at Northeast Community Center, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in conference room B. Next meeting is on Feb. 22.
The Merchants Committee is planning a tree promotion in connection with Arbor Day and has just gotten 2,000 seedling trees to donate. They will be given out between Earth Day and Arbor Day in late April.
Also, on May 28 there will be a car show in Hillyard. Stay tuned for more information.

City Hall summit filled to the brim

This blog was a twittering and facebooking fool last night at City Hall's crime prevention summit. On stage were Mayor Mary Verner, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. Colleague Jonathan Brunt had this story in today's paper.

It was interesting that only a handful of people stood up in support of Ivan Bush, long-time civil rights leader, when he talked about how Spokane has a race problem.
The crowd was more supportive of speakers who talked about preventing domestic violence, not that the two issues can be compared.
Interesting statistic from Chief Kirkpatrick: the Spokane Police Department made contact with people 132,000 times last year, made 4,516 arrests and visited 2,649 people on warrants.

Also: The NAACP is hosting a community meeting at East Central Community Center (500 S. Stone) on Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. to continue the conversation about the bomb found prior to the Martin Luther King Day March, race relations and policing.

Violence prevention summit Tuesday

Mayor Mary Verner, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich are hosting a community conversation on how to prevent violence tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. in the city council chambers, lower level at City Hall. The meeting will be moderated by Steve Becker, Eastern Washington representative for Governor Chris Gregoire's office. The audience may ask questions and share opinions on crime and violence related issues.
The event is co-sponsored by a long list of community organizations and expected to draw business and community leaders from all over town - this blog is going.

Hillyard bookstore gets coat of paint

Read today's story about the beautification of Pilot Books here.

Hillyard Mann Center clarification

At this morning's meeting in the Historic Hillyard Merchants Committee it was brought up that Spokane Public Schools will put in an alternative high school program at the Mann Center. I just checked with Spokane Public Schools and that's not correct. Spokane Public Schools does not own the building and has no plans - as of right now - to put a program there. There were some plans to pursue this idea in spring of last year, but so far nothing has come of it.