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Boredom Led To Craigslist Hoax

Selling your son on Craigslist sounds like the work of a depraved father or a bored teen. Fortunately for Spokane police, it’s the latter. Last month, a Spokane woman saw an ad from a man named Rick Obelophy offering his son Gavin to anyone who could cough up $5,000. “He doesn’t fuss very much, but when he does he just screams for hours,” read the ad. “I usually just put him in his closet until he stops and that usually works.” The woman called police who then went looking for Mr. Obelophy and his discounted brood. An investigative trail that led to the computer of a bored 17-year-old teenager in Sandpoint, Idaho/Seattle Weekly Blogs. More here. (Illustration: AP)

Question: What kind of punishment would be fitting for the Sandpoint 17YO who posted the bogus ad offering a 4YO child for sale? And/or: What do you tell your kids when they say, “I’m bored”?