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Ask the Builder: Installing wallpaper border is simple, but avoid these pitfalls

If you haven’t done the job before, you should know that hanging giant strips of wallpaper is challenging.

Seven deadly sins: Mistakes to avoid when renovating older houses

Digging into your home’s past can be fun, but it can also help you make aesthetic decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

In the Garden: Digging up variety for spring blooms

Warning: while purchasing spring-flowering bulbs is great fun this time of year, remember that you have you dig a hole for every one of them.

Ask the Builder: Retaining wall basics

You may recall that point in high school physics class when a frustrated student demanded, “Give me an example of when I’ll ever use this stuff in real life!” Well, …

Art in Bloom brings art and fundraising opportunity to historic Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens

The fundraiser brings together local artists’ works and floral arrangements inspired by the artwork to benefit the site, which is on both the Spokane and Washington historic registries.

How to pick the perfect sofa

Typically not considered to be an impulse purchase, most seek to make a sofa purchase perhaps only once or twice.

Setting up an Airbnb? Here are the basics, the extras and the no-nos

Just like hotels, not all Airbnbs are created equal. There are the gorgeous, Instagram-friendly abodes meant to make visitors feel like they’re in the lap of luxury, and the more …

Design Recipes: The do’s and don’ts of decorating with gray

The color gray is often considered to be drab and gloomy, but the reality is, gray is one of the most versatile colors in home decor.

In the Garden: Stock up on pollinator plants at Friends of Manito spring plant sale

The best way to have a healthy, productive garden is by attracting pollinators.

Ask the Builder: Don’t let contractor skip steel reinforcement in concrete driveway or patio

Tim, my builder is telling me to forget about using reinforcing steel or mesh in my concrete driveway and patio. He says he’ll just add an inch of thickness and …

In the Garden: Spouses compete for precious garden space

I never should have taken my husband, Bill, to hear Ciscoe Morris speak.

In the Garden: Gardening brings joy all year

Throughout this winter, I’ve been feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the delicious food last year’s garden has given us. We were able to line our pantry with jars …

LED bulbs: Time to switch on new lights

Since LED lightbulbs cost more but use less energy, how soon would they pay for themselves? In some places, it can take as little as a couple months, depending on …

Why always white trim? These designers are breaking the mold

Ask most designers what color they usually paint interior trim – no matter the wall color – and they will tell you the same: white.

Historic home tour to highlight Cannon Hill Park neighborhood

Four homes on a tree-lined South Hill street are featured on this annual fall tour.

Ask The Builder: Vapor barrier and insulation in crawl space will mean warmer floors

How would you go about converting this creepy place into one that’s an asset instead of a liability?

In the Garden: After choosing right container, think thriller, filler, spiller

Whenever I visit a garden, I’m always drawn to artfully planted containers. It doesn’t matter whether they’re filled with flowers or vegetables, a pleasing combination really inspires me.

One decoration brings many memories

During the holiday season, Jerry Baldwin likes to keep it simple. While many front yards in Spokane are ablaze with a dizzying array of Christmas displays, Baldwin’s Manito Boulelvard home …

Give kids a fun way to count the days

Raising kids is the ultimate déjÀ vu experience. When my 2-year-old daughter prances around the kitchen to the music of “John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together,” I swear …

Home puts a shine on the holidays

When December blows in, Linda Wigert is in her element. Christmas décor, and plenty of it, takes center stage.

Homelike setting

“I don’t know what I would have done without hospice,” says Jeannie Norton of the nine months her mother received hospice care before dying in June 2006. “I didn’t have …

Festive fundraising

Celebrating its 25th year, Christmas Tree Elegance is more festive than ever. With 12 beautifully decorated and lavishly accessorized trees, and two full weeks for viewing, there’s something for everyone …

Pottery on parade

The Fourth Annual Mud and Spirits Christmas Pottery Event sponsored by the Clay Arts Guild of North Idaho is all about clay. The show features mugs, bowls, pots, ornaments, bells, …

Introduce pet to baby with caution

The arrival of a new baby into a household is an exciting event, but also a little bit frightening. This is true for new parents and siblings, but it is …

Year brings many reasons to give thanks

The long slow slide into fall this year gave me time to think as I finished my chores. I realized that there was much to be thankful this year. First, …

There’s more to a hedge than versatility

After reading your article last week, I was hoping you might be able to give my husband some advice on his planting of arborvitae bushes. He planted some bushes last …

Butters to bring expertise to Spokane

Looking over MaryJane Butters’ Web site, or even chatting with her for a few moments, you begin to wonder: Does this woman ever sleep?

It’s cooking club, boys and girls

The kitchen is Julie Sherwood’s home office. A longtime collector of cookbooks who likes to experiment with ingredients and create her own recipes, Sherwood didn’t expect to turn her love …

It’s time to tidy up those garden tools

Happy day! The garden finally got nailed with a killing frost. I can quit for the winter. There is one last chore to do before I can really lock the …

Artist gives natural materials new life

As a botanical collage artist, Judy Meddaugh creates dry pressed flower collages. Using a variety of flora, Meddaugh fashions intricate, artful pieces featuring animals and floral quilt patterns.