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Making a splash with water-themed decor

Summer for many of us means reconnecting with water – lakeside hikes, paddles in the sea, luxuriant floats in some relaxing pool. And that connection isn’t confined just to the …

Ask the Builder: Miscommunication to blame for concrete problems

Use photos, videos or local spots to help explain the results you want.

Backyards: Where the outdoors begins

So today, with summer looming just beyond the horizon, let’s celebrate backyards and the world of possibilities they present.

In the Garden: Annual Spokane in Bloom tour features North Side gardens

Garden tour season officially begins this month. First up is Saturday’s Spokane in Bloom tour, hosted by the Inland Empire Gardeners. This year’s spotlight is on six inspiring gardens on …

UPDATED: Thu., June 1, 2017, 3:47 p.m.

Search for vintage treasures at the Farm Chicks Vintage & Handmade Fair

Now in its 15th year, Farm Chicks brings vintage, antique, country, retro, shabby chic and more to the fairgrounds for a two-day show that draws thousands of shoppers.

In the Garden: Reflect your personality with a telling landscape design

A well-planned home landscape – whether designed professionally or by the gardener-in-residence – does a beautiful job of reflecting those who live there.

Ask the Builder: Building a pergola that is safe and beautiful

When planning a pergola, consider structural challenges first, then aesthetics.

Ask a Designer: decorating indoors with plants

From kitchen herb gardens to miniature indoor trees, interior designers are increasingly bringing plants into their home design projects.

Growing trash pile at Thurston County property raises concerns

City officials say they have not been able to get much done on a growing trash pile at a foreclosed Tumwater home considered hazardous.

Ask The Builder: Tips for building your own outdoor fire pit

It just so happens fire pits are a minor hobby of mine. I’ve built several and sat around many. Here are a few key fire pit ideas to consider.

Unique property hits market: Victorian home built in 1892 for former Spokane mayor

A Victorian home in northeast Spokane was built in 1890 for a former city mayor and is now up for sale

Police: Connecticut man stockpiled massive amounts of explosives in home

Authorities say a Connecticut man is under arrest after massive amounts of explosive black powder were found in nearly every room of his home, enough to potentially blow up his …

Ask the Builder: Finding the ideal rise and run for porch steps

I asked a contractor to build a set of porch steps using name-brand materials. He made a mess of it and when you step off the last step you trip …

Embraced by Baby Boomers, recliners get a makeover

Including recliners in home decorating projects used to be an interior designer’s nightmare, says Bonnie Lewis, founder of 55+ TLC Interior Design in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In the Garden: Protecting plants from the weather

Even though it’s too early to transplant our seedlings out in the garden, a few mild days can make any gardener want to jump the gun. Unfortunately, this can lead …

Ask the Builder: Home maintenance requires more than a standard checklist

I’ve seen those standardized spring checklists over the years, and I sort of chuckle at many of them. I realize the authors have good intentions, but I often wonder if …

Why the dining room is due for a revival

“Everything is so casual these days, it’s nice to be a bit more formal in a room where you entertain or gather your family,” said designer Erica Burns. “The room …

Ask the Builder: Roof popping noise has a simple fix

Diagonal bracing can quiet roof noises.

In the Garden: Flowers bring beauty and pollinators to the garden

This year, I’ll be growing a small cutting garden right in the middle of my vegetable garden. Cut flowers are often a blend of perennials, bulbs and annuals, but I’m …

Why some designers genuinely love faux materials

What you lose in integrity, you make up for in savings, and these days, most folks can’t tell the difference.

Ask a designer: Rethinking the basement for spring

Basements can be cold and dark, and often get much less decorating attention than the rest of the house. But you can gain new, useful and stylish living space by …

Ask the Builder: Repairing mortar with caulk not the ideal fix

My 10-year-old house developed some cosmetic cracks in the mortar. I got some bids to have tuck-pointing work done and nearly gagged when I looked at the cost.

An argument for the color that makes everybody look (and feel) good

Rose Quartz is a soft light pink that, according to Pantone, fulfills “our yearning for reassurance and security.” If you ask me, it’s just the sort of calming color our …

In the Garden: Know your zone to pick the right plants

Oftentimes, gardeners will engage in what has been amusingly coined “zonal denial” and buy a plant that isn’t hardy enough. Because it’s so desirable, they are certain it will grow …

Ask the Builder: Colorful trim tile dresses up terra cotta steps

I’ve got an exciting outdoor patio project I’m about to start. But I need your help. This is a multi-level patio that will be connected by several different sets of …

Ask the Builder: Tackling black spots on composite deck boards

I’ve got 1,500 square feet of lakefront boardwalk made from composite decking. The brand is Trex Accents. It started developing black spots within two years of the installation. I’m mad …

Ask the Builder: Dealing with a bungled wall tile job

having a small bathroom remodeled. My wife and I thought we did our due diligence and hired a great contractor. I came home from work to discover the ceramic wall …

In the Garden: Unlocking the secrets to successful gardening for all

“Everyone can grow a garden.” That will be the recurring theme for my columns throughout this year’s growing season. I strongly believe everyone should be able to successfully grow a …

Get your home red-carpet-ready with Badgley Mischka

The designers describe their first-ever Badgley Mischka Home Collection, which launched last week, as “couture furniture” infused with old Hollywood glamour.

How to bring hotel chic home

In “Hotel Chic at Home” (The Monacelli Press), author Sara Bliss tries to capture the transformative power of travel, and that moment in a stylish hotel when you say to …