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School bills move through Legislature

OLYMPIA — Washington schools would be required to protect students against emotional bullying, keep more data on homeless students and test out whether extra days would help some students retain more from one year to the next under bills that advanced Friday. . . 

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Council OK for Spokane tent city unlikely

A homeless advocate's proposal to create a large tent city beneath Interstate 90 won't be getting approval from Spokane City Hall any time soon, City Council President Ben Stuckart predicts.

Stuckart said this week that he asked his fellow council members if they’d be interested in extending the 14-day limit imposed by the transient shelter ordinance and each gave him an informal “nay.”

Pushing the issue is homeless advocate Ralph “Doc” Harvey and his wife, Becky, who want to create a 50-person shelter under the freeway on South Browne Street, but current city laws prohibit a tent city from existing for more than 14 days.

Harvey's next stop is the state Transportation Department, which is in charge of the area under the freeway, Harvey said.

AM: Homeless Connects Aids NI Poor

Sabestian Carter, 3, listens as his mother, Andrea Carter, talks with a volunteer from North Idaho Project Homeless Connect at the Idaho National Guard Armory in Post Falls on Thursday. "We're living with friends right now," she said. Homeless Connect brings a wide range of services to the poor including medical and mental health screening, donations of clothes and food, employment services, even veterinary care. Kevin Graman's SR story here. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

Homeschool Mama: A Cracked Pot

If you knew me you may know that there was a time in my life that I was homeless for almost 2 yrs. Starting when my two older boys were 7 months old and 2 yrs old.  I had chosen to move home.  Which I blogged a bit about here.  I had moved home for a few months.  Due to space issues and not able to get help from any agency I had to move into a shelter.  I was in a shelter for a fairly short time and then was accepted into the YWCA Family Village.  A transitional housing unit in Redmond, WA.  There was an 18 month limit and you had to either be in school or working to live there.  I was able to go to school and have it paid for by private funding.  The daycare was on site of the building so most convenient! That was paid for by the state/Crazy Homeschool Mama. More here.

Question: Have you ever been homeless? Or near homeless?