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Marge Simpson on front cover of Playboy Magazine…

Good morning, Netizens…

In this photo released Friday by Playboy Magazine, the cover of the November 2009 issue featuring Marge Simpson is shown. It’s a first for the magazine, which has never featured a cartoon character before. It will hit the newsstands October 16.

In the land of cheesecake and beyond, having Marge Simpson on the front cover (and inside with a full-page fold-out) is perhaps more than the mind can handle on a chilly Saturday morning, but it really has happened. Would you buy a copy of Playboy Magazine next month just to see what parts of Marge Simpson are exposed in Playboy? Could we be talking blue pubic hair here, or did Playboy, in the interests of public censorship, airbrush that minor detail out? 

Oh Lord! (Dave nearly falls off his Great Chair upon considering the possibilities)

Well, in the sense of fairness, could be possibly be talking about a full-color fold-out issue of Esquire Magazine featuring Homer Simpson? It’s only six in the morning, and I think I already need a drink, but perhaps it is an agist thing. 

I do recall that Playboy’s founder, Hugh Hefner, once appeared on The Simpson’s TV show, so this is perhaps a case of turn-about is fair play, no? I cannot help but wonder if, in the world where nothing is sacred, a frontal nude of Marge Simpson would arouse anyone’s prurient interests?