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We are all a little stronger – and have more gray hair – thanks to the FRE

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Fernando Rodney’s experience in Seattle is over. So is The Fernando Rodney Experience. I, for one (and possibly the only one) am sad to see the latter leave. Read on.

Re: That California Chrome co-owner

Did you notice his wife try to save him from himself (and his own big mouth) Saturday? And did you see his churlish reaction?

Boy, you sure learn more about people when they are facing adversity than when everything is going their way.

Moos has brought big changes to WSU


Do you remember Martin Stadium from 30 years ago? Twenty? If you are a Cougar fan, I'm sure you do. Then you know the Martin Stadium of today is a different place – and will be different still next fall with the completion of the football operations building that will loom over the west endzone. The changes in the football complex at WSU are things that will be with us for the next 30, 40, 50 years. It's all part of a vision of one man. Read on.

Now this is a tradition


You know what day it is? Yep, it's Kentucky Derby day. Read on.

No roses, just thorns


One thing I learned this morning: I really have no idea how to spell "rhododendron." If it wasn't for Word's spell check, this lead-in would have been embarrassing. Read on.

The future and the past


The NFL draft is about the future. We understand that and honor it, linking enough newspaper stories today to wipe out a small forest. But we also like it when a newspaper honors the past. And the Review does that today with a look back at Playfair, once the thriving home of horse racing in the Inland Northwest. Read on.

History of Playfair

Read a history of the Playfair Race Course in Sunday's S-R by Jim Price, a retired copy editor and reporter for The Spokesman-Review, who also spent 14 seasons as track announcer and publicist for Playfair.   Also check out a big picture gallery of Playfair's glory days.

Let’s discuss the financial situation


We are going to talk money today. No, we're not asking you for any. All we're going to do is talk dollars and cents and the Mariners. Pretty simple. Read on.

Fixing some memories on a Sunday


First the Miami Heat roared back in the second half and defeated the Boston Celtics, sending the two teams everyone expected – Miami and Oklahoma City – into the NBA finals. Then later in the evening in Las Vegas, Timothy Bradley won a controversial split decision over the current star of boxing, Manny Pacquiao. And the Twitterverse exploded. Fix. Crooked. Conspiracy. Read on.

Just another day in sports?


Let's see. Anything happen yesterday? Well, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner had to scratch from today's Belmont, the first time that's happened since The Depression. And six Mariner pitchers combined for a no-hitter, only the second time in history that many pitchers were used in a no-no. So, you're saying nothing all that important happened? Read on.

We’re backing out of our daily grind


I don't want to sound like a wuss, but this isn't easy today. Read on.


Some time before next Saturday, someone will call me or send an email asking if I knew that a Montana horse named Spokane won the Kentucky Derby in 1889.

As it happens, I do know that.

But it's never a bad idea to review.