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Close Encounter With ‘Hotel Hell’

My 15 minutes of fame never happened. I was so close yet so far from appearing on "Hotel Hell." It wasn't surprising that my wife and I ended up on the cutting room floor. We're not confrontational enough. We clearly can't compete with the Roosevelt Inn's owners John and Tina Hough in the drama department. When word spread that Gordon Ramsay would be taping an episode of his new show, "Hotel Hell" in Coeur d'Alene and they were looking for people to be on the show, my wife Monique and I thought it would be fun to apply. I dashed off a quick email explaining that we had our rehearsal dinner at the Roosevelt Inn more than 10 years ago and that we're regular viewers of Ramsay's other shows. We both thought there was no way in "Hotel Hell" that we would be selected. We were wrong/Marc Stewart, Coeur d'Alene Press guest comment. More here.

Question: Have you used up any of your 15 minutes of fame? How?

Cindy Descends Into ‘Hotel Hell’

Some of us receive invitations to go to hell more frequently than others – that’s the nature of being a newspaper columnist. But when friends invited Derek and me to join them for dinner in hell we quickly agreed. This particular Hades involved a taping of “Hotel Hell” at the Roosevelt Inn in Coeur d’Alene, and dinner was a mystery – a murder mystery. We received an email assigning us our roles. I was to portray Millicent the Milliner. Derek’s role? A professor and colleague of our host Sherlock Holmes, aka innkeeper, John Hough. We were instructed to come in character and advised to bring cash for our $50 a plate dinner, as the inn’s credit card machine ran slow. Oh yeah, we were told it was strictly a BYOB meal. The Roosevelt had no wine, beer or liquor license. After conferring with our friends Jeff “the Eccentric Scientist” Selle and his wife, Sue, “the Debutante,” we rustled up suitable evening wear/Cindy Hval, SR. More here.

  • View Online: Miss your chance to see the Roosevelt Inn on Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell”? An episode featuring the historic Coeur d’Alene hotel aired for the first time Monday on Fox. Viewers who missed it can watch online starting eight days after the original air date, on Sept. 11, at www.fox.com/hotel-hell/.

Question: Did you watch the Roosevelt Inn edition of Hotel Hell? Where/what was the worst meal you ever ate?

Hotel Hell-ish

Innkeeper John Hough, left, jokes with guests at breakfast last Thursday at the Roosevelt Inn in Coeur d'Alene.

What happens when a couple of Idaho innkeepers invite a British chef named Gordon Ramsay to come stay a few nights at their hotel?

All hell breaks loose.

Innkeepers John and Tina Hough weren’t entirely unaware of Ramsay’s penchant for profanity and confrontational demeanor, but let’s say they weren’t exactly fans. When John Hough filled out the application to subject himself and his wife to a week of filming and Ramsay’s rants, neither he nor Tina Hough had seen the celebrity chef’s shows, which include “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Master Chef.” Lorie Huston, SR  Full story.

You'll have to wait until next week to read my account of our Murder Mystery Dinner at the Roosevelt Inn during the taping of Hotel Hell. I take exeception to Tina Hough's comment: The guests were all pre-screened and Tina Hough is convinced they only picked people who said they were confrontational, critical and demanding. “They had some real doozies in here. If I would have been the Queen of Sheba and Julia Child and it wouldn’t have been good enough.”

Uh. I know at least a half dozen of the guests who visited the Inn during the taping and that's not the way I'd describe any of them. Have you ever dined at the Roosevelt Inn?

2MC: Roosevelt Inn Hosts ‘Hotel Hell’

Here’s a chance for a taste of dining purgatory. Gordon Ramsay and crew will be shooting an episode his new Fox television show, “Hotel Hell,” at the Roosevelt Inn in Coeur d’Alene Feb. 20-24. For those familiar with Gordon’s “Kitchen Nightmares” show, “Hotel Hell” has similar format with the celebrity chef offering ideas to help turn struggling business around. While filming is happening, the restaurant and inn will be open to the public by reservation only. Producers are looking for people who want to dine or stay there during the filming and be a part of the show. It is not a free ride/Lori Hutson, Too Many Cooks. More here. (AP file photo of Gordon Ramsay on video of successful "Hell's Kitchen" show)

SR.com blog roundup:

Question: Would you be interested in staying at the Roosevelt Inn during "Hotel Hell" filming?