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APhoto Of The Weekend — 5.14-15.11

 A fan eludes a police office by climbing onto the center field wall after running across the outfield and stopping play during the ninth inning of a baseball game between the Houston Astros and New York Mets Friday in Houston.  The Mets beat the Astros 6-4. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Top Cutlines (posting weekend ones since we didn't get any entries for today's photo):

  • 1. Is this an exclusive photo from a certain notoriously coiffed HBOer’s attempted escape from Auto Tracker’s Recovery? — Nic.
  • 2. Larry used to live pretty well, but now he’s just clinging to his right to the cheap seats — Brent Andrews.
  • 3. There’s a new hide & seek campion! — Casinoreverend
  • HM: Charlie