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A Grip on Sports: It’s a good week to watch golf, either locally or from across the ocean

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you love golf, this is a good week for you. Even if your love goes no further than infatuation with local courses.

A Grip on Sports: Once again, Eastern Washington is expected to finish atop the Big Sky Conference football standings

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Summer, we hardly knew you. But, sadly, we have to say goodbye. Fall is unofficially here. How do we know? A local conference held the …

A Grip on Sports: For once, the hype actually was exceeded by an epic reality as Djokovic outlasts Federer

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s rare that a commotion on Twitter gets me interested in what’s happening in a sporting event. But yesterday morning the tweets were blazing around …

A Grip on Sports: If only the Mariners’ record was a mirror image of reality, we could be looking forward to the rest of the season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We arose early enough to watch the men’s final from Wimbledon. But there is too much to get done for that. Nope, we have to …

A Grip on Sports: A teary tribute, a longtime rivalry and a world record highlight a eclectic day in sports

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s see, what’s going on? How about a incredibly emotional no-hitter? And a couple of other interesting thoughts, from salaries to a fast runner.

A Grip on Sports: Baseball’s pennant races aren’t really races right now, but that could change come September

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Baseball’s All-Star break gives every team, every player and every fan an opportunity to hit pause and reflect on what’s already happened in the season …

A Grip on Sports: Bouton changed the way a lot of people looked at baseball – and made them laugh at the same time

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Jim Bouton didn’t put much of a mark on baseball as a pitcher, winning 62 games in 10 big league seasons. But he changed the …

A Grip on Sports: Baseball puts strikeouts on display in an All-Star Game that was broadcast everywhere

A GRIP ON SPORTS • While traveling last night, I was able to watch bits and pieces of baseball’s All-Star Game on my telephone. At 39,000 feet in the air. …

A Grip on Sports: Gary Bell Jr.’s return seems fortuitous for Gonzaga

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Observing college basketball over the years, there were certain players on the various local teams we were sure would end up coaches. Sometimes we were …

A Grip on Sports: The World Cup win for the U.S. women opened a Sunday full of action

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Summer is officially in full swing. The Fourth of July holiday is in the rearview mirror and the only thing standing between us and football …

A Grip on Sports: Win or lose, the U.S. women have once again put soccer out front nationally

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The most anticipated sporting event of the day may be over before you even read this. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

A Grip on Sports: There is nothing strange about our July sports landscape this year

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Thank goodness it’s a Saturday. The weather is nearly perfect, the work week is over and the day is all yours. Get out and attack …

A Grip on Sports: Taking the path less traveled might make great poetry but isn’t the best way to spend a Fourth of July

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If there were a competition for getting somewhat lost in the Spokane-area woods, akin to the “competition” of eating, say, hot dogs, I would probably …

A Grip on Sports: There are some somewhat athletic ways to celebrate the Fourth that don’t involve fireworks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Happy Fourth of July. Enjoy yourself today. Be safe. Sane. Don’t do anything dumb. Like take a long walk in the woods.

A Grip on Sports: The Underdog Syndrome is sweeping the world as the U.S. tries to sweep its way through another women’s World Cup

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s get to the world of sports’ news quickly. After all, tomorrow is the Fourth and hot dogs, apple pie and fireworks await. Well, not …

A Grip on Sports: England the latest European country trying to knock the United States women’s soccer team off its perch

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a match that would have been more appropriately held on July 4th, don’t you think? The U.S. versus England – there is a bit …

A Grip on Sports: July may not be perfect, but when you’re not yet an adult, it sure seems that way

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a new month. July. The month of baseball’s All-Star Game, outdoor cooking and celebrating America’s glorious founding. And that’s all in the first 10 …

A Grip on Sports: Hoopfest dominates the weekend, sure, but there is more, a lot more, today

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Weekends at the end of June are not supposed to be this busy. It is summer, after all, and the word lazy has always been …

A Grip on Sports: Like Christmas, Hoopfest only happens once a year – and this is the weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is going to be short and, hopefully, sweet enough. We’re off to downtown to watch the beginning of Hoopfest. It’s a family tradition.

A Grip on Sports: If Spokane had to pick just one, which sport would it be?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s a simple question, but the answer is pretty complex. What sport is the most popular in Spokane?

A Grip on Sports: No matter how many times the world turns, Hoopfest is one of Spokane’s best weekends

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You noticed the days are getting shorter, didn’t you? Before you know it, walking the dog after work will once again occur in the dark. …

A Grip on Sports: The spat between California and the NCAA may be the impetus for a much-needed change

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Whether you want to call the state of California a trendsetter (as us older folks say it) or an influencer (the new version), it still …

A Grip on Sports: The U.S. women rate our attention as they try for another World Cup championship

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We spent part of our Monday morning watching the U.S. women fight its way to a 2-1 victory over Spain in the knockout round of …

A Grip on Sports: Can the weekend get here quickly please?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another week of work begins. And it will probably take forever to finish. Anticipation of the weekend makes Monday through Friday move all that much …

A Grip on Sports: From the first year, Hoopfest was a well-oiled memory-building machine

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A Sunday morning in late June seems a perfect time to talk basketball. After all, the 30th Hoopfest will be taking over downtown next weekend.

A Grip on Sports: The return of the Indians each summer is something worth celebrating

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Where were we? Oh yes, looking to the future. And pining a bit about the past, but in a good way.

Grip on Sports: More Gonzaga history should be made tonight in New York

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Over the past 20 years, Gonzaga’s basketball program has made stride after stride. It has gone from your typically obscure West Coast Jesuit university with …

Grip on Sports: The M’s poor season makes it easier to change the channel – or stay out late

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Are you still watching the Mariners? Or has the professed step-back philosophy given you an excuse to spend your summer evenings doing something else?

Grip on Sports: There really isn’t an offseason in major college sports these days

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It wasn’t that long ago May and June were relatively quiet months in college athletics. Not anymore.

Grip on Sports: It may have been an historic day at Pebble Beach, but it wasn’t the U.S. Open history we expected

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Brooks Koepka gave it everything he had. He attacked Pebble Beach for four days, leaving the course each day with a score in the 60s. …