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Any of your kids ever have head lice?

I've been hearing that the traditional treatments have become less and less effective.

That's all we need. Super lice.

Grasshopper infestation hits Valley County

There's a big grasshopper infestation in Valley County, the AP reports, with the state Department of Agriculture reporting crop damage and an explosion in the insect's numbers since July 4. State standards say a grasshopper outbreak reaches damaging levels when there are eight grasshoppers per square yard; there are now more than 200 grasshoppers per square yard in parts of Valley County. Click below for a full report from the Associated Press and KTVB-TV.

Prognosis: Spider Infestation Ahead

Facebook Friend Ken Burchell offers this photo under the heading of "Today's Spider Basement Report." Sorry for not giving you an advanced warning.

Creepy crawlers are keeping Spokane exterminators busy thanks to a wet spring and long, hot summer. Exterminators report spider infestations are making up over 50% of their more recent calls.  Enviro Pro Exterminators said calls spiked just in the past month with homeowners reporting spiders crawling around their homes, especially Hobo spiders. Experts said the best thing you can do to prevent a spider problem is cover up all the cracks around your home.  They said keep plants, bushes, and shrubs far away from the house too/KREM. More here.

Question: I've nuked a couple of hobo spiders near the rear of the house in the last week. I plan to try spider traps for the first time. Have you had a close encounter with a hobo spider in your house?