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Zags still not quite whole

If it's not one thing it's another. For Gonzaga, the roster is close to being whole again but a nasty flu bug keeps popping up, even as the team's injury list shrinks.

Here's more on the health picture and how it will factor into playing time when everybody is available, and several other items in my weekly GU notebook.

Correction: Priest River JVs Sue

A HucksOnline headline on Monday listed the wrong high school JV team involved in a player suit against the West Bonner County School District. The high school JV team involved in the suit is Priest River. The headline was corrected soon afterward. But HucksOnline wants to make sure that readers know which high school and school district are involved. You can read the story again here.

Priest River JV Footballers Sue District

The West Bonner County School District is being hit with a pair of negligence lawsuits over injuries to junior varsity football players. One suit alleges a JV coach flung a partially full water bottle at a player’s face, causing a laceration and a concussion. The other alleges an improperly equipped player suffered permanent vision impairment after being struck in the eye with a football during practice. Both suits were filed in 1st District Court on Thursday. Each suit seeks damages in excess of $10,000. School district Superintendent Mike McGuire could not be reached on Friday. A message seeking comment was not returned. Sandpoint attorney Brent Featherston filed the suits on behalf of student athletes Michael Clayton Ludolph and Thomas Reynolds, who were injured in separate incidents in Priest River last year/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee. More here.



Shock bye-week notes

Spokane doesn’t play a game this week, but there’s still Shock news to discuss.

Read on.

Winter 08: A Pain In The … Back

Item: Physical shoveling proves to be pain in the back: Therapists see influx of snow-removal strains/Alecia Warren, CDA Press

More Info: Physical therapists see influx of snow removal strains. Everything was fine while Devonne was chucking humps of snow out of her driveway last month. Only after she shed her shovel and jacket inside did the pain hit. And it hit hard.

Question: Did you injure yourself in any way removing snow this winter?