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Felon threatens deputy during ride to jail

A felon arrested on outstanding warrants threatened a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy during his ride to jail and told him “the knife’s coming out” next time, according to court documents.

Deputy Nathan Bohanek found William L. Moore loading items onto a trailer behind a business after a caller told 911 they saw suspicious activity near the 1500 block of South Pines Road.

The caller said they saw sparks and hear grinding noises and thought someone was stealing something, documents said.

Bohanek arrested him for two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for third-degree driving with a suspended license and second-degree criminal trespassing.

Moore began screaming at Bohanek and calling him names during the drive to Spokane County Jail, documents said.

He told Bohanek, “You want to ruin my life? You’re going to have to kill me next time,” documents said.

Moore also said, “Next time we meet, mother f-, the knife’s coming out!”

The deputy interpreted Moore’s words to be a threat against his safety, documents said.

Moore was booked into Spokane County jail and appeared in Spokane County Superior Court Tuesday afternoon. Judge James Triplet placed a $10,000 bond on his charges of intimidating a public servant.

Moore was described by investigators as “confrontational” after he was arrested by deputies in 2010 during a traffic stop after they found more than 70 feet of aluminum and copper wire in his car, reports said. They also found gloves, flashlights, saws and tools in his vehicle.

He told police to “shoot him”, according to 2010 search warrant on his car.

Deputies arrested him during another incident in 2001, reports said, after he hid his alleged meth stash in a gas station bathroom.

Man accused of threatening prostitute

A 48-year-old man who traveled to Spokane from California last week is accused of threatening a prostitute with a knife on East Sprague Avenue.

James L. Brewer, of Sacramento, is charged with second-degree assault after a prostitute told police he'd chased her with a knife and tried to grab her after stopping his silver 2001 Mercedes-Benz at Sprague Avenue and Spokane Street on Aug. 13 about 190:05 p.m.

The woman ran screaming to other prostitutes, who called 911. Police the next day spotted the Mercedes at Sprague and South Lee Street and contacted the occupants, one of whom identified himself as Brewer.

Brewer told police he'd just gotten into town the night before and had asked the woman for directions to a motel, but they ran way screaming "for no reason at all," according to court documents. He denied pulling a knife on them. Brewer was arrested for intimation/display of a dangerous weapon, a misdemeanor and released from jail after appearing in Spokane County District Court.

A felony assault charge was just filed in Superior Court; Brewer, who gave court officials a Pines Road address, has not yet been arrested.

IEA Accuses Luna Of Intimidation

The Idaho Education Association criticized Superintendent of Schools Tom Luna of trying to intimidate educators by warning them not to participate in activities involving a recall attempt against him and a referendum to overthrow his public education reform. In the process, the IEA released this photo of supporters of Luna and other Republican candidates, taken at Lake City High last fall. (If memory serves me correctly, this photo may have been taken at the end of the Republican bus tour in North Idaho. If so, GOP supporters moved off school property when confronted by Lake City High officials). You can read the IEA news release here.

Man Guilty In Census Worker Case

Richard L. Powell testified that the shotgun he fired near a census worker was nothing more than an “exclamation point” — a way of getting his message across. But a six-man jury in St. Maries didn’t buy it. Mr. Powell, 55, was found guilty Feb. 23 of misdemeanor disturbing the peace and sentenced to five days in Benewah County jail. In addition, the court withheld judgment for two years and ordered Mr. Powell to pay $437.50 in court costs. He is also not allowed to exhibit a firearm in an aggressive or rude manner toward anyone/Chris D'Angelo, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

Question: Why are census workers viewed with suspicion in some back-woods areas of North Idaho?

Man accused of threatening prosecutor

A crime suspect’s angry courthouse outburst after a series of prosecution mixups involving the case against him has led to an unusual new charge and prompted authorities to bring in an outside judge to preside over it. 

Roland W. Finney, who will turn 36 Friday, faces a single charge of intimidating a public servant in connection with a verbal altercation with Deputy Prosecutor Mark Cipolla last year.

Spokane County prosecutors already had brought in Lincoln County Prosecutor Jeff Barkdull to handle the case, but Superior Court Judge Tari Eitzen on Monday decided to send the case to a judge outside of the county, citing a witness list that includes a deputy prosecutor and fellow Superior Court Judge Michael Price.

Read the rest of Thomas Clouse's story here. It includes this line: "The truth of the matter is that for some, life is a bitch.”

Wanted: Man accused of threatening judge

UPDATE: Rory Schwanbeck was booked into jail on June 24.

A convicted felon accused of intimidating a Spokane County District Court judge is wanted by police after a raid at his home revealed several firearms.

 Rory M. Schwanbeck, 54, is out of jail awaiting trial on charges related o statements he allegedly made to Judge Patty Walker on Jan. 7, 2009. But he’s due to return after police found two guns in the felon’s room during a SWAT team search April 29 at 103 W. 39th, according to court documents.

A judge ruled the incident violated Schwanbeck’s release conditions for felony charges of intimidating a judge and resisting arrest; a warrant for Schwanbeck’s arrest was issued June 11.

Now Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for tips that lead to his arrest.

Schwanbeck “is frequently armed when contacted by police,” according to Crime Stoppers.

In 1990, he shot a man who was picking up his son at a north Spokane County daycare, leading to a second-degree assault charge, according to Crime Stoppers. He also has convictions for city assault, malicious mischief, possession of a dangerous weapon, drug possession and third-degree theft.

Schwanbeck was before Judge Walker on two cases when he allegedly threatened civilians and court officials, then lunged at Walker and said “You are not safe either, up there as a judge.”

Schwanbeck was restrained and removed from the courtroom. It’s unclear when he left jail, but he was out when a SWAT team raided his house April 29 in search of methamphetamine. He was arrested that day on gun charges, then posted $50,000 bond May 5.

Anyone with information on Schwankbeck’s location is asked to call 1-800-222-TIPS or submit tips online. Tipsters don’t have to leave their name to collect a reward but should leave a code name or number.