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  • TUESDAY, JAN. 3, 2012, 1:07 P.M.

    U.S. to Iran: American warships to remain in Gulf

    The Obama administration today brushed aside Iran’s warning to keep U.S. aircraft carriers out of the Persian Gulf, dismissing its threats as a consequence of hard-hitting American sanctions on the …

  • WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30, 2011, 3:19 P.M.

    Britain orders Iran’s diplomats to leave UK

    Britain ordered all Iranian diplomats out of the U.K. within 48 hours and shuttered its ransacked embassy in Tehran on Wednesday, in a significant escalation of tensions between Iran and …

  • WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21, 2011, 8:32 A.M.

    Americans freed from prison leave Iran

    Iran’s state news agency reports that the two Americans freed from a Tehran prison after more than two years in custody have been flown out of Iran.

  • SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011, 9:32 A.M.

    Iran: Court to commute sentences for 2 Americans

    Iran’s foreign minister said today that the courts are willing in “the near future” to commute the prison sentences for two Americans convicted of spying. The Americans’ lawyer, meanwhile, was …

  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2010

    Iran to subsidize population growth

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated a new policy on Tuesday to encourage population growth, dismissing Iran’s decades of internationally-acclaimed family planning as ungodly and a Western import. …

  • FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010

    EU endorses Iran sanctions

    WASHINGTON – In a diplomatic turnabout after years of U.S.-European tensions over how to confront Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, the 27-nation European Union on Thursday gave initial approval to the …

  • THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 2010

    Doubts linger about Iran sanctions’ effect

    WASHINGTON – A divided United Nations Security Council voted Wednesday to tighten sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, but left widespread doubt that the new strictures will slow the …

  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 2010

    Iran sanction backers seek Brazil’s support

    WASHINGTON – With a critical U.N. Security Council vote looming, Western diplomats appealed to Brazilian officials Tuesday to drop their opposition to a new battery of international sanctions against Iran. …

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010

    Iran progressing on enrichment

    WASHINGTON – Iran could have enough highly enriched uranium to make a single nuclear device within a year, but it would take three to five years before the Islamic republic …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

    China signals readiness to back Iran sanctions

    WASHINGTON – China on Monday indicated for the first time it might back new U.N. sanctions against Iran, giving a significant boost to President Barack Obama as he opened a …

  • WEDNESDAY, FEB. 17, 2010

    U.S. says Iraqi officials linked to Iran

    WASHINGTON – The top American commander in Iraq said Tuesday that the U.S. has “direct intelligence” that two senior Iraqi officials in charge of keeping Saddam Hussein loyalists out of …

  • TUESDAY, FEB. 16, 2010

    Reject idea of war with Iran

    Sarah Palin has suggested that President Barack Obama could improve his re-election prospects by declaring war on Iran. “Say he played the war card,” she told Fox News’ Chris Wallace. …

  • FRIDAY, FEB. 12, 2010

    Iranian forces crush protests

    TEHRAN, Iran – The Iranian security forces unleashed a crushing sweep against opposition protesters on Thursday as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution to defy …

  • WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10, 2010

    Iran moves on enrichment

    BEIRUT – Iran’s move on Tuesday to produce higher-grade uranium for a medical reactor prompted widespread international condemnation and an uncharacteristically harsh response by Russia, whose support is key to …

  • TUESDAY, FEB. 9, 2010

    Gates urges global pressure on Iran

    BEIRUT, Lebanon – As Iran moved to enrich uranium to a higher level of purity and build new nuclear-fuel plants, U.S. and French defense officials suggested Monday that sanctions were …

  • MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2010

    Nuclear order defies West

    In a possible move to deflect attention from Iran’s political woes, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday ordered the nation’s atomic energy agency to begin enriching uranium from 3.5 percent to …

  • MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2010

    Iran detains 7 tied to U.S.-funded radio

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran has arrested seven people linked to a U.S.-funded Farsi-language radio station for allegedly fomenting unrest, and accused some of the suspects of working for American spy …

  • MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2010

    Iran hurting its cause by holding U.S. hikers

    More U.S. and international attention should be focused on the plight of three American hikers who have been languishing in solitary confinement in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for six months. …

  • THURSDAY, DEC. 31, 2009

    Iran demonstrators back government

    TEHRAN, Iran – Tens of thousands of Iranians backing the country’s rulers rallied in central Tehran on Wednesday, calling for the death of anti-government protesters and opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi. …

  • TUESDAY, DEC. 29, 2009

    Iran holds bodies of five protesters

    CAIRO – Iranian authorities said Monday that they were holding the bodies of five slain anti-government protesters, including the nephew of the opposition leader, in what appeared to be an …

  • MONDAY, DEC. 28, 2009

    Iran protests erupt

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian security forces fired on stone-throwing protesters in the center of the capital Sunday in one of the bloodiest confrontations in months, opposition Web sites and witnesses …

  • MONDAY, DEC. 21, 2009

    Iran reform cleric dies

    TEHRAN, Iran – The spiritual father of Iran’s reform movement died Sunday at the age of 87, prompting thousands of his followers to immediately head to the holy city of …

  • MONDAY, DEC. 21, 2009

    Trudy Rubin: Honor those who died for right to speak out

    In this Christmas season, I want to pay tribute to two unsung heroes who stood up to repressive regimes – and paid with their lives. One was Iranian, one Russian, …

  • TUESDAY, DEC. 15, 2009

    Iran will put U.S. hikers on trial

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran announced Monday that it will try three Americans who were accused of espionage after entering the country illegally during a hiking trip, raising the stakes in …

  • MONDAY, NOV. 30, 2009

    Iran OKs enrichment sites

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran approved plans Sunday to build 10 industrial-scale uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion of the program in defiance of U.N. demands it halt enrichment and a …

  • MONDAY, NOV. 23, 2009

    Iran flexing its muscles

    TEHRAN – Iran’s army and Revolutionary Guard staged large-scale air defense war games on Sunday in an effort to show off the country’s deterrence capabilities amid rising pressure from the …

  • TUESDAY, NOV. 17, 2009

    Iranian uranium site heightens concerns

    VIENNA, Austria – Iranian construction of a previously secret uranium enrichment site is at an advanced stage, with high-tech equipment already in place at the fortified facility ahead of its …

  • FRIDAY, NOV. 13, 2009

    Mosque, school pegged for seizure

    WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors on Thursday moved to seize several U.S. assets allegedly controlled by entities linked to the government of Iran, including a mosque and Islamic school in Potomac, …

  • THURSDAY, NOV. 12, 2009

    Nuclear cooperation is doable, Iran leader says

    BEIRUT – Iran’s president called for international cooperation on nuclear technology in a Wednesday prime-time television appearance filled with conciliatory language toward the world community, in stark contrast to the …

  • TUESDAY, NOV. 10, 2009

    U.S. hikers, held since July, accused of spying in Iran

    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran accused three detained Americans of spying Monday, signaling Tehran intends to put them on trial. It drew a sharp U.S. response that the charges are baseless …



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