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Camden: Fighting Over War On Women

Whether there’s a War on Women being waged by politicians around the country is open to debate. There is definitely a War over the War On Women, and Washington has a top commander on both sides of the battle lines. Field marshal for the Democrats is Sen. Patty Murray, who has been using the phrase “War on Women” for months, often in fundraising appeals for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In simple military terms, the committee’s strategy is to elect as many Democrats to the Senate as possible; its tactic, raise as much money as quickly as possible. … Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers became the new brigadier general in the field last week, assigned to turn the tide for the Republicans. Trying to switch to offense from defense, she wrote a guest column for a conservative news website, took to the microphone at the House GOP leadership press conference and went on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” to declare there is no Republican WOW/Jim Camden, SR. More here.

Question: Is the "War on Women" a reality or a propaganda ploy to raise funds and congressional seats?

$50 Davenport Certificate On The Line

Update: 4 Merry Hucksters are on the readerboard already: Big Mac, EddieTorreal, Kcres & Spudbob

Larry Cebula of Spokane was the winner of the $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel, awarded to the winner of Jim Camden's SR News Quiz. Also, Tom Clark of Spokane won the free tickets to the 35th annual Arts & Crafts Show as a secondary prize awarded by random drawning. Another $50 gift card is on the line for this week's News Quiz winner, with two tickets to a Regal theater (like Riverstone) to be awarded in a random drawing. You can find the News Quiz in the right rail or by clicking on this link here.

News Quiz Offers Custer’s Tickets

If you're hoping to fast-forward to spring, we can help: This week's News Quiz, prepared by SReporter Jim Camden,  is sending a lucky winner and a guest to Custer's 35th annual Spring Arts & Crafts Show. Simply by taking the quiz, you're eligible for the random drawing. And if you happen to dominate the 10-question look at current events, $50 to the Davenport could be yours. You can take the News Quiz by clicking here or by clicking on the "That's News to you" button in the right rail.

News Quiz Feats Golf Show Tickets

Our current-events News Quiz aims to not only educate and entertain, but also to give everyone who plays a chance to win free stuff! This week, two lucky entrants will win two tickets to the weekend's Spokane Golf Show. In addition to the random drawings, the overall winner takes a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel. Last week, two Kootenai County residents won the prizes — for two tickets to the Gonzaga-vs-Loyola Marymount game and the Davenport $50 gift certificate. You can take the quiz by clicking on this link here — or by clicking on the "That's News for you" button on right rail. As always, make me proud …

News Quiz Offers Zags’ Tickets

A raffle prize of two free tickets to the Gonzaga Bulldog home game this weekend will be offered to an entrant in this week's News Quiz, prepared by colleague Jim Camden. You don't have to win to be eligible for the tickets to the Zags' game against Loyola Marymount Saturday at The Kennel. Also, the usual prize for the top entry will be rewarded again — a $50 gift certificate to the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Elaine Luniuck-Olson of Edgewood, Wash., was the winner of last week's contest. A Coeur d'Alene woman won the week before. You can enter the contest by clicking on this link here — or on the "Take the News Quiz" button in the right rail. Make me proud.

Last Call: Weekly News Quiz

Update: Time's running out for this week's quiz. Deadline is later tonight. Next week, 2 free tickets will be awarded in raffle for all those who enter.

Jim Camden's SR Weekly Quiz had its first Coeur d'Alene winner since HucksOnline's been pimping the contest — Lois Duncan. Dunno if Lois is a blurker or commenter. But she's going to receive a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel. Which is the same prize that's being offered this week. Sorry no Super Bowl tickets or all-expense-paid trips to the opening of the Seattle Mariners spring training in Arizona. Oh well. Quizmeister Geoff is still working on secondary raffle prizes. You can take the weekly test by clicking here or by clicking on the button in the right rail marked "Take the News Quiz." Good luck.

News Quiz: Zag Ticket Odds 100-to-1

Just got heads up from handlers of Jim Camden's weekly SR News Quiz that the odds of winning tickets to Gonzaga's home game against San Francisco on Thursday, Jan. 19, are about 100-to-1. About 30 Merry Hucksters have entered the contest so far. All entries in the weekly News Quiz are eligible for the drawing for the Gonzaga tickets. A top prize of lunch for two at Davenport's Palm Court Grill will be awarded for the best score. The first question is pretty easy: “The Inland Northwest experienced a drier than expected December as a result of (five choices given).” You can take Jim's News Quiz by clicking here. Or you can click on the News Quiz button in the righthand rail.

News Quiz Offers Zag Tickets

Anyone who enters Jim Camden's News Quiz this week will be eligible for a drawing that will award 2 tickets to the Gonzaga Bulldog game against San Francisco in The Kennel Thursday, Jan. 19. You don't have to score a perfect 10 to win either. A prize of lunch for two at Davenport's Palm Court Grill will be awarded for the best score. The first question is pretty easy: "The Inland Northwest experienced a drier than expected December as a result of (five choices given)." You can take Jim's News Quiz by clicking here. Or you can click on the News Quiz button in the righthand rail.

New law applies to cattle trucks using Spokane Valley roads

Yesterday Governor Chris Gregoire signed a new law that will require cattle trucks in Spokane and Pend Oreille counties that are more than 40,000 pounds gross weight to stop at a port of entry. Neighbors living along Barker and Harvard Roads complained to the Spokane Valley City Council last year that the cattle trucks were using State Highway 290 to bypass the port of entry and its inspections and then using those roads to connect back to I-90. The council worked with local legislators to get a law passed. Olympia reporter Jim Camden has more details here.

Senate candidate arrested

Olympia reporter Jim Camden has a story in today's paper (which is also getting a lot of comments online) about the arrest of Roy Murry in Las Vegas for carrying a concealed weapon this week. Murry is one of the three men the Spokane County Commissioners are considering to replace former Spokane Valley senator Bob McCaslin, who recently retired from the state legislature after 30 years due to health reasons.

According to Jim's story, Murry is disputing the police report and said he won't withdraw his name from consideration for the senate seat. The police report states that Murry was carrying a semi-automatic handgun, two knives, two ammunition clips and loose rounds.

The Commissioners are currently conducting background checks on all three candidates, including state Rep. Matt Shea and GOP legislative district leader Jeff Baxter.

Fine proposed for skiing in dangerous areas

OLYMPIA — If the threat of getting snuffed out doesn't detract you from going for off-limits pow, maybe a stiff fine will do the trick.

Skiers who venture into dangerous areas that are closed to the public could be fined up to $1,000 under a proposal being considered by the state Senate.

S-R Olympia Bureau reporter Jim Camden says the bill, sponsored by Sen. Jim Kastama, D-Puyallup, calls for fines for any skier who crosses in to a marked area that has been closed because of dangerous conditions.

Those skiers aren’t just risking their lives, they’re risking the lives of ski patrol members who go in after them, Kastama said.

It does not prohibit back-country or off-trail skiing, he added.

McCaslin recovering after leg amputated

Olympia reporter Jim Camden is reporting that Spokane Valley city councilman and former state senator Bob McCaslin had a leg amputated yesterday after being hospitalized with circulatory problems since last week. The hospital says he is in satisfactory condition. Click here for more information and here for a previous story with details on his recent health issues.

Filling McCaslin’s Senate seat a trial

There is apparently a bit of a storm brewing around the appointment of a replacement for Spokane Valley City Councilman Bob McCaslin, who resigned his seat in the State Senate earlier this month for health reasons. Olympia reporter Jim Camden has an interesting report this morning on delays in the nominating process. There are a couple of unexpected names on the list of people who would like to fill the Senate seat: former Spokane Valley Mayor Diana Wilhite, who worked on McCaslin's first senate campaign, and Liberty Lake Mayor Wendy Van Orman.

McCaslin to keep council seat

Spokane Valley City Councilman Bob McCaslin confirmed at last night's meeting that he will keep his council seat even as he resigns from the Washington State Senate for health reasons. He said he has been diagnosed with a bone morrow disorder that prevents him from producing enough red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Myelodysplastic syndrome is also known as pre-leukemia. Click here for a story by Olympia reporter Jim Camdem that I contributed a little to.

McCaslin to leave Senate

Washington State Senator and Spokane Valley City Councilman Bob McCaslin has reportedly announced that he is resigning his Senate seat for health reasons. McCaslin has had several heath issues and hospitalizations in the last year. The Spokesman-Review reporter in Olympia, Jim Camden, is working on getting more details. McCaslin was first elected in 1981.