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2012 ice cream truck jingles

Slice reader Sharon Griffiths and others have heard Spokane ice cream trucks playing Christmas music recently.

Apparently “Turkey in the Straw” and “The Entertainer” have become too easy to tune out.

Back in the summer of 2003, The Slice asked what Beach Boys song would make good ice cream truck music.

Ken Martin and Deborah Chan suggested “All Summer Long.”

Almost nine years later, I still think that's a good idea.

“All Summer Long” is a combination of iconic summer imagery and the group's swooping harmonies. It's perfect.

And if it wasn't already a decent song, it's use at the ends of both “American Graffiti” and a great episode of “The Simpsons” cemented its status as a pop seasonal anthem.

“Every now and then we hear our song

“(every now and then we hear our song)

“We've been having fun all summer long”