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Things not to put on your resume

I was reading a list on that topic and recalled that I once violated a basic rule.

I mentioned on a resume that I did not drink alcohol. (Unnecessary personal information.)

Now this was shortly after college. And that policy was the product of a talking-to I had given myself while still a student. You know, one of those "Get a grip, for God's sake" admonitions to the mirror.

I was not really a problem drinker, just a stupid kid. So a total alcohol ban was overdoing it. But apparently I liked dramatic gestures.

I got the job. But my new supervisor and a few of my new colleagues eventually confided that the no-alcohol thing had given them pause. It was a newspaper, after all.

I eventually eased off that prohibition. But I'm sure I never mentioned the topic again when applying for jobs.

Did you ever put something on a resume that probably should have been left off?

Coming Sunday, a look at the best sectors for jobs in Spokane, North Idaho

No slight intended yesterday to Idaho when we posted about a Sunday Business Section story, about the right way to get a job in the new year.

We listed the six hottest job sectors in Spokane County (led by health care).

We didn't until today have a list for North Idaho. Now we do; thanks to Alivia Body of the Idaho Dept. of Labor, this is the hot list for Kootenai County and surroundings:

  • Health care
  • Administrative and support services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation-warehousing
  • Retail trade
  • Food services

The absolute best way to get a job in 2011

Coming Sunday, the Spokesman's business section looks at the rock-bottom best tips for finding a job in the new year.

We got those tips by talking to a group of area recruiters, job counselors and experts in professional marketing.

Look for that story in the Business section of the paper or at spokesman.com/business.

We also catch up with area job-trackers. We came up with the six hottest job sectors in Spokane County.

They are, not in any order: health care, finance-insurance, green-tech/waste recovery, transportation, professional services, and advanced manufacturing.

To go on your search of jobs in demand, Doug Tweedy, the regional labor economist with Washington's Department of Employment Security, suggests visits to the Demand List found at the ESD main website.

It's a handy way to track many of the best jobs unfilled in Spokane County: the full list of all "in demand" jobs for Spokane County is here.