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Blanchette: Kick in the tail feathers for no-show Eagles fans

Dear Montana fan, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’m just going to say it.

Even good product needs advertising

Episode 4,382 in the ongoing reality soap that is The Real Cougs of Spokane County: That’s how many passed through the portals of the Spokane Arena on Friday night for …

EWU’s Sherritt knows his defense

J.C. Sherritt will not tell you what the initials stand for, but he will tell you why he won’t tell you. “My two older sisters,” he said. “When they got …

Blanchette: Cougs would do well to take page out of Huskies’ book

PULLMAN – Bowl berths are doled out like bailouts anymore, but that’s how the system has been corrupted and the football player’s job is not to reform it but leverage …

Game could’ve stolen thunder

PULLMAN – In the confluence of three hyperrific games here in the space of six days, would you ever imagine that the least of them might be the – heresy …

Excuse us if we’re not bowled over

“I’m so happy for the state of Washington that this Apple Cup is really going to mean something – for both schools.” – Steve Sarkisian

Blanchette: Moos’ silence ominous for Wulff

Since logistically they’re treating this bizarre double bye at Washington State “like a bowl game,” according to coach Paul Wulff, does that mean the school will extort itself into buying …

Blanchette: Wynne, 24, realizes his dreams at CC Spokane

Some days, Preston Wynne is up and on the road by 5:30 a.m. and may get home barely in time to tuck in his two children at bedtime. He is …

Williams, Seahawks revived together

SEATTLE – Not to put an indelicate spin on it, but the Seattle Seahawks are the Farmer Ted of the National Football League. Remember him? From “Sixteen Candles”? He crowned …

John Blanchette: Big Sky is anything but Big Easy

Chris Powers is not panhandling for gimmes. What he and his football teammates at Eastern Washington reap, they expect must be earned. So when do they earn a breather?

Blanchette: Price is right for WSU

Look at it this way: If they’re happy at Washington State, it’s hard not to be happy for them.

No revelations from Cougs or Commish

Pacific-10/12 Conference commissioner Larry Scott made a drive-by – he would turn up across the state at Oregon State-Washington later Saturday night – to speak eloquently about the revenue sharing/division …

Blanchette: Luchs’ revelations serve little purpose

So you didn’t think there was any upside to Washington State being the Officer Barbrady of college football these last couple of years? Wrong, scandal-breath.

Blanchette: Can’t duck Cougars’ progress

If Wazzu was overmatched in its 43-23 loss to the Ducks at Martin Stadium – and, yes, that’s still the case – the Ducks did not have to be coaxed …

John Blanchette: Klitschko’s radar spots Welliver

In the ring together, Wladimir Klitschko and … Chauncy Welliver?

John Blanchette: No defense for WSU’s

If Reggie Bush had played against a defense like Washington State’s, he would have been too sheepish to accept the Heisman Trophy in the first place, never mind being shamed …

John Blanchette: Taking both sides in EWU turf debate

Eastern Washington’s new football turf? I love it. It’s wild. That ridiculous red rug? I hate it. It’s just another gimmick in a gimmicked-up world.

John Blanchette: Cougars will take it

The wearing of hair shirts and the hurling of high, hard ones can resume soon enough this week in and around Washington State. For a few hours, at least, the …

Teens age well with the Indians

Age may be the most malleable commodity in sports, with the possible exception of attendance figures.

John Blanchette: Cougs at competitive disadvantage again

Is it already time to reconsider the “Maybe it won’t be as bad as we think” season of Washington State football?

Blanchette: Disappearing helps Turiaf find self

This is the summer Ronny Turiaf got lost. And found. All this since he was last in Spokane in May, collecting his degree from Gonzaga University in possibly the most …

Grays fingerprints all over this one

LAS VEGAS – His right elbow was Saran wrapped in ice, where before a sleeve of white tape had buttressed the joint bruised by a crash to the floor both …

John Blanchette: At least in Spokane, pigs fly

Perhaps it’s time for a seat upgrade on Jeremy Abbott’s flying pig.

John Blanchette: Big Sky commissioner drops the ball

For Eastern Washington University’s football community, there was no consolation in the Big Sky Conference’s acknowledgement Tuesday that Harpo, Chico and Groucho had infiltrated the officiating crew for Saturday’s loss …

John Blanchette: His family circle

Family matters to Frank Morton Jr., who has a big one that seems to grow by the year. “I think of family as people that have genuine love for you,” …

Blanchette: Chiefs get more than an assistant

Jon Klemm has been hired to coach and coach he will, as Hardy Sauter’s new assistant with the Spokane Chiefs. But frankly, he could be on salary as example-in-residence.

Blanchette: These two can manage more than a few stories

One has his name on a stadium and the other a bronze bust just inside the gate. We are up to our helmet earholes in gray eminence during the college …

Stockton takes fame to next level

That must be quite the pickup game they get together in the old gym at Gonzaga University. In a little over a month, they’ve sent one player to the NBA …

March Madness hardly that without Zags

Thank heavens for Meech Madness. Because March Madness is on life support.

John Blanchette: It ain’t the ballet …

Try this: pile the Spokane Chiefs and Tri-City Americans on separate buses, have them meet halfway in Lind, herd them into the high school gym and lock the doors. Pair …