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Hutcheson Leads Sheriff Fund Raising

Both Keith Hutcheson and Ben Wolfinger have outraised Tea Party candidate John Green in the three-way GOPrimary race to replace Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson. Hutcheson (who is supported by Reagan Republicans & Reasonable Republicans) had a warchest of $21,652 including donations, in-kind contributions and a personal loan, exceeding the amount raised by Wolfinger and Green combined. Top contributors to Hutcheson's primary campaign are Sound Industries, $999; John Grimm, $750; Cliff Findlahy, Idaho Veneer and Kevin Rogers, $500 apiece. Hutcheson has spent a combined $10,443 with the Strategery Group (and received $587 in in-kind services from Strategery). You can read see his campaign finance report here.

Question: What surprises you most about these campaign finance reports for sheriff?

Green Has Long Supported Phil Hart

I've been curious re: the relationship between state Rep. Phil Hart (pictured), R-Athol, and sheriff's candidate John Green for some time. It has been mentioned here that Green, an attorney for the past two decades, has represented Hart in some capacity over the years. Hart, of course, is embroiled in an income tax fight with both the IRS and Idaho Tax Commission, a fight that will end up in court the day before the general election and could cost him his home. Huckleberries Online has found a link that shows John O'Neill Green of Houston, Texas, was one of the Tax Attorneys who signed on to a full-page ad in the 2008 GOPrimary. The ad includes this statement: "t has been our pleasure to work with your State Representative, Phil Hart. Our relationship withPhil came about when we were exposed to his book Constitutional Income. That book tears away the veil of obscurity covering the 16thAmendment's true nature and scope, by placing the Income Tax Amendment in its proper historical contest — shredding decades of misinformation and misunderstanding. Phil illuminates a rich historical record that sets thefoundation for any serious discussion of federalincome tax law and policy." Full ad here.


Sheriff’s Candidates ‘Speed Date’

The Phantom Photographer of Huckleberries Online snapped this shot of the three Republican sheriff's candidate during the "speed-dating" event staged by the local Tea Party at the Greyhound Park: (from left) sheriff's Mayor Ben Wolfinger, Keith Hutcheson and John Green.

Question: Why is Ben Wolfinger looking at the microphone offered to him by Keith Hutcheson, like it is a dog turd? And why is John Green sweating?

Wolfinger Runs For Top KCSD Spot

After nearly three decades with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department, Ben Wolfinger said he is ready to tackle the county's highest law enforcement position. "It's time to step up and be a leader," said Wolfinger, a major with the sheriff's department who has filed to run for sheriff. Wolfinger pointed out that since starting with the sheriff's department in 1983, he has worked in every branch, including jail, patrol and detectives. He was promoted to captain in 1995, and appointed to major in 2009/Alecia Warren, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: The Reasonable Republicans rank Wolfinger and Keith Hutcheson as qualified. Hutcheson also has backing of Reagan Republicans. John Green is endorsed by local Tea Party. Who wins?

Reasonables Reject Green For Sheriff

In the Kootenai County sheriff's race, the Reasonable Republicans said two men are qualified and would serve well: Keith Hutcheson and sheriff' Major Ben Wolfinger. Brad Corkill of the Reasonable Republicans had pointed words for a third candidate, John Green: "It was clear, though, that we could not support John Green.  He’s expressed some peculiar views advocating the arrest of federal law enforcement officers in the county, and his agenda contains ideas that would expand the role of county sheriff beyond what most law-abiding citizens would accept. Last but not least, Mr. Green has served as legal counsel for Phil Hart, which calls into question how he would interpret and enforce the law as sheriff.”


Spencer Seeks Courthouse Seat

Kootenai County commissioner candidate Larry Spencer doesn't believe the county needs a parking garage built at the administration complex. "Voters want a lean government, and there is nothing lean about planning to spend $7.8 million on a county parking garage," said Spencer, running for the District 1 seat currently held by Dan Green. He also disagrees with the current commissioners' ballot initiative to restructure county government. If approved by voters, the initiative would allow for a county administrator, and would also make several county officials appointed, instead of elected as they are now/Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Obviously, Spencer believes the proposed county parking garage and ballot measure to change county government structure are wedge issues for him. What do you think?

Joker: ‘Embrace The Insanity’

Joker comments: Have you ever heard the voice of God, Great Spirit or something out of this world command you? I heard a voice last night. At first I ignored the voice. Then the voice got louder. Finally, I gave in. I let the voice speak to me – it was a like a chorus of angels or a heavenly symphony – so beautiful. The voice told me I needed to vote for some messengers of madness in the Republican Primary, specifically Kootenai County commissioner candidate Larry Spencer, Kootenai County sheriff candidate John Green and Kootenai County Prosecutor candidate Donald Gary. Now some of you may think I am crazy for supporting these candidates – I am not. I have looked madness in the eye and it told me that we need to “embrace the insanity” and elect these guys. More below.


John Green To Speak At Kroc Center

John Green, Republican candidate for Kootenai County sheriff, will be speaking to the Christian Community Coalition re: ways for "more involvement in government & community leadership from faith-based organizations," according to a flier. The event is schedule from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, March 29, at the Kroc Center, 1765 W Golf Course Road, Coeur d'Alene. You can read more about it here.

Green Turns Out For St. Paddy’s

John Green, one of three Republican candidates for sheriff, used the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Coeur d'Alene Saturday to advertise his campaign.

DFO: Bob Foster Wise To File As Indie

I was watching a replay of wannabe John Green's rant from the sheriff's candidate forum in February about the "cowards" who hide in the dark "spreading hate & dissension" online, when the thought hit me: Bob Foster was wise to file as an Independent. Foster? He's the Coeur d'Alene code enforcement officer who took part in the Republican forum with Green & three others. And then decided to run as an Independent. Foster has the schooling and law enforcement background to be a good sheriff. But he would have been lost in the crowd of candidates in the Kootenai County GOPrimary race. Green has the backing of the Tea Party/United Conservatives crowd. Keith Hutcheson has the backing of the Reagan Republicans. And Ben Wolfinger has the backing of mainstream/chamber Republicans. Foster would likely have finished fourth in that race. However, as an Independent, he has 6 more months to make himself known to the public. Should he be an Independent facing Green (and that could happen depending on the primary split), he can bank on support from Republicans who individuals who backed Wolfinger & Hutcheson, as well as Independents & Democrats shut out by the Republicans closed primary. Of course, two other men have filed as Independents — Tom Dickson, a former sheriff's captain, and Joe Bodman, the former Post Falls councilman. No matter how the race plays out, Foster has improved his chances — DFO.

Question: Who do you think will win the sheriff's race?

No One Cares About HBO Polls? Hmm

Do you remember when Larry Spencer was dissing the HucksOnline poll earlier in the week, saying how easy it would be to jerryrig the results? Raising questions re: it's accuracy? Well, I'll be the first to admit that the poll, or any newspaper poll, isn't scientific. Duh! But it is something that's important to the political players (no matter how much they try to dismiss it). John Green, from the United Constitutionalists, er, Conservatives of North Idaho wing of the Republican Party, was urging his followers to vote in the poll. But the Reagan Republicans, who support Keith Hutcheson, got there first. Larry Seaward urged Reagan Republicans to vote in a mass email. Later, Seaward congratulated the Reagan Republicans for changing the results: "Way to go folks. We moved the bar on the straw poll from 65% Ben , 25% Keith at 2PM today to 40% Ben and 50% Keith as of 9:30PM. Keep it up till the cows come home. It was a good day. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Wonder if Seaward has a license to carry so many exclamation points?


John Green Doesn’t ♥ HucksOnline

It was hard to tell whether John Green (show above making a point to his passionate fans in the audience last night) was running for sheriff of Kootenai County or against civility and the local blogosphere during a debate last night, sponsored by the Coeur d'Alene Police Officers Association and the Coeur Group. When asked by the Coeur Group moderators to pose a question to one other candidate, Green refused, stating that the exercise was "tacky and unprofessional." But he saved his best for HucksOnline and the blogosphere. Green bristled when a questioner asked him about comment he'd read here involving prisoner housing in tents, saying he had nothing to do with anything here. This, despite the fact that he'd encouraged his readers on the John Green for Sheriff Web site earlier this week to vote on our poll for sheriff (in which he finished a distant third). In his closing statement (after refusing to answer a second question posed to him by the Coeur Group, Green said he didn't want the votes of the "cowardly people" who pass their time commenting on blogs — you know, the type who "hide in the dark and spread hate." Green challenged the local media to clean up this kind of conduct and finished by saying that blog comments are "already reaching a fever pitch and we're not into May yet." BTW, later he wrote this on his Web site from home: "Just home from the Coeur d'Alene Police Officers Association Forum. No doubt the HBO'ers will have plenty to vent about tomorrow."

DFO: BTW, Green suggests on his Web page that I caught off the voting in the sheriff's poll because the votes of his followers were beginning to affect the numbers. As you know, my polls last for about a day, roughly beginning at roughly 10:30. No conspiracy here. Simply time to start a new poll. With his "surge," Green had attracted 24 (7.45%) of 320 votes.


Poll: Hutcheson Early HBO Choice

  • Monday Poll: Keith Hutcheson, chief of the Coeur d'Alene Tribal Police, was the clear favorite in the five-way race to succeed Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson. Hutcheson attracted 189 of 320 votes (59.06%) to beat sheriff's Major Ben Wolfinger, who was second with 97 of 320 votes (30.31%). Others attracting votes were John Green, 23 (7.19%), Adam Johnson 6 (1.88%), and Bob Foster 5 (1.56%).
  • Today's Question: Is ex-Arizona sheriff Richard Mack a good choice to speak at the Kootenai County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner?

Ex-Deputy Green Wants To Be Sheriff

A former Texas deputy turned criminal justice lawyer is running for Kootenai County sheriff. John Green, 52, is seeking the office's top spot as a Republican, aiming his campaign on finding solutions to ease jail crowding other than building a new facility, increasing deputy financial compensation as well as street presence as a crime deterrent, and supporting legislation to allow deputies more leeway on public intoxication calls. … Green has 10 years of law enforcement experience in Texas, with 300 arrests, most for felony violations, that he would bring to the post, he said, as well as 20 years of practicing law. He would pursue other avenues for jail space rather than building a new facility, such as using existing county buildings, possibly even tents, to house inmates if it proved to be effective/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (John Green Facebook photo)

Question: Is the use of other county building and even tents a reasonable option for housing Kootenai County prisoners?

Green: Spencer Doesn’t Speak For Me

Item: ReaganRepub2: Green wasn't easy to pin down/HucksOnline

HucksOnline received the following email from Republican sheriff's candidate John Green: "I am a candidate for in the 2012 Republican race for Sheriff of Kootenai County.  A friend sent me copy of a post on your "blog" regarding the Reagan Republican Forum held in Coeur d'Alene a couple of days ago. I did not attend that function because I was not notified of the event until a couple of days before it was held and I had a previous speaking engagement with 40 people who were also part of an "important constituency." My question is, are you the "I" who asked this question on the blog? 'Question: I still can't figure the strategy with Green and Spencer here. If Green truly had a busy schedule Thursday, he should have cleared out an hour to speak to an important constituency like the Reagan Republicans. Anyone?' If you are, I want to make it clear that there is no "strategy with Green and Spencer." Larry Spencer does not speak for me and does not control my schedule or campaign." (Photo from John Green Facebook page)


RR2: Green Wasn’t Easy To Pin Down

RE: Spencer: Why John Green was a no-show at sheriff's forum/HucksOnline

ReaganRepub2: As I am the person that contacted the Sheriff Candidates for the meeting I can tell you what happened. A week and a half ago I contacted Keith, Bob and Ben and they promptly responded to me. I was having a hard time getting contact info for John so I called Spencer for it but he declined to give me info. I finally got his campaign info on Friday and called and e-mailed him with no response. On Tuesday I saw John and asked if he received my correspondence and he said he didn’t. I then asked him if he could attend as there was also going to be press there reporting the event and he told me that he would check his schedule and get back to me. He never did. You all can make your own assumptions. (HucksOnline photo: John Green at United Conservatives of North Idaho meeting earlier this winter)

Question: I still can't figure the strategy with Green and Spencer here. If Green truly had a busy schedule Thursday, he should have cleared out an hour to speak to an important constituency like the Reagan Republicans. Anyone?

Sheriff Candidate OK With Tents

John Green, a Kootenai County sheriff's candidate, was present at the first meeting of United Conservatives of North Idaho, the re-invented Rally Right group, but was the only candidate to miss the sheriff's forum sponsored by the Reagan Republicans Thursday.

Jail expansion, unionization, deputy retention and gun rights. Three of the four Republican candidates for Kootenai County sheriff fired off reasons Thursday why they are the best officer for the job. Bob Foster, Keith Hutcheson and Ben Wolfinger each have decades of law enforcement experience and each is vying for the department's top post. Something should be done with increasing the jail if the demand calls for it, the candidates said, though they differed on what option they would support. "I'm not opposed to tents," said Foster, a code enforcement officer with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department, who began his law enforcement career in 1967 in California. Exploring cheaper options, if they meet regulations, should be the first choice, he said, referring to the tents Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio set up in Arizona/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Should the Kootenai County sheriff use tents to house prisoners more cheaply, like controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio does?

Spencer: Why Green Was A No-Show

Spencer: He was not invited until less than a week ago, and he already had his day full. Jeff Ward was informed of the reasons he could not attend, but chose to not mention it. This way DFO could title the thread as if Green didn’t show up to something he had indicated he would attend. Yesterday, when DFO posted that all four would be there, I pointed out that Green would not be.

Question: Is it wise for a Republican candidate for sheriff to miss a forum staged by the Reagan Republicans, the most active GOP group in Kootenai County?

Green Is No-Show At Sheriff’s Forum

At the sheriff's candidates forum, sponsored by the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans, sheriff's Major Ben Wolfinger talks with Bob Balser.

HucksOnline received this report from sheriff's forum staged by Reagan Republicans at noon today: "Ben Wolfinger's theme seemed to be Wolfinger's experience.  Most Conservative Republicans said that Keith Hutcheson was their man.  Someone stated how great it was to have a collection of Conservatives running for the job. Bob Foster is a supporter of the Second Amendment.  He would like to shake the hand of the man who stopped the knife assault at Goodwill. Keith Hutcheson recounted how he picked up some illegal aliens once in this area and held them for ICE officials.  He said he almost got in trouble go that one. … Keith Hutcheson had printed letters and envelopes, so people could contribute to his campaign.  The others just had business cards. Ben Wolfinger passed out business cards which (didn't have) the word 'Republican' on them but there was a "(R)" on the card this time.  Some privately criticized Wolfinger for having contributed money to Democrats in the past."

Hucks: Whither Office Goeth Green?

Let’s play a game. Huckleberries will tell you where candidate John Green stands on issues. And you guess which office he’s seeking. Ready? On his Facebook wall, Green lists his stands on several issues, including the Second Amendment: “The Federal Government has no authority to regulate firearms within the State of Idaho.” And states’ rights: The 17th Amendment (removing the Legislature’s power to appoint U.S. senators) “should be repealed.” And taxation: “The ‘Internal Revenue Code’ is an abomination and an absurdity.” Which office does Green want? Kootenai County sheriff, of course. Or maybe not. Under the topic of “Sound Money,” Green says, “As an Idaho senator, I will work to ensure that the State of Idaho protects its citizens from the fraud of ‘fiat’ money.” Green might consider updating his position stands and tailoring them more to the current office he targets/DFO, SR Huckleberries. More here.

Question: Will you vote for John Green for Kootenai County sheriff?

Green Running For Sheriff? Senator?

From John Green for (Kootenai County) Sheriff Facebook wall comes a number of Hard Right positions, including his stand that the "federal government has no authority to regulate firearms within the state of Idaho." Another entitled "Sound Money" seems to indicate Green is running for the state Senate rather than sheriff. It reads: "The monetary system of the United States is a perversion of Logic and Justice. It subverts the Natural Law and allows for and, in fact, fosters crime and poverty. Our founding Fathers provided us with a Constitutional standard of measure that allows us to protect our wealth and calculate value. That standard is the Constitutional Dollar, a fixed unit of measure. As an Idaho Senator, I will work to ensure that the State of Idaho protects its citizens from the fraud of “fiat” money. You can read John Green's positions yourself here. (Photo from John Green for Sheriff Facebook page)

Question: After reading sheriff candidate John Green's position statements, can you tell us how many have to do with the operation of the office of sheriff?

Duane: Conservatives Were Upbeat

Duane Rasmussen: Yes I was there. It was a very up beat type of program. I saw people from Rally Right, Reagan Republicans, Panhandle Pachyderms, North Idaho Pachyderms, Women Republicans, the Tea Party organizations and most if not all the Republican Central Committees in the five northern counties of Idaho. John Cross who is the Republican Region One Chairman, played a prominent roll as did Representative Phil Hart, Representative Vito Barbieri, Representative Dick Harwood and Kootenai Sheriff candidate, John Green (pictured). Mr. Green recited an event when as a young Deputy Sheriff and he was sent to back up two IRS agents who where conducting a seizure of assets. He stated that he should have arrested the agents then and there but did not have the knowledge and courage to do so at the time. He promised that things will be different when he becomes Sheriff. There was significant talk about RINOs and a degree of gloating about the progress Conservatives had made against the Rino’s in the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. (Photo from John Green for Sheriff Facebook wall)

Question: A favorite of the Hard Right in Kootenai County is sheriff's candidate John Green (pictured). Ever heard of him?