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McMorris Rodgers: GOP designated hitter on War on Women


As previously mentioned in Spin Control, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been given command of GOP forces counterattacking Democrats on the “War on Women.”

Along with her appearance yesterday on Chris Matthews, she also appeared on CNN's John King U.S.A. show.

The message is essentially the same, as it has been for more than a month, that the war is a “Democratic myth” designed to capture women's votes in 2012 after losing them in 2010, and that women really care about the economy.  Compare the two clips, if you are so inclined, to see which matchup she handled better.

John King wins Daytona truck race in three overtimes

John King was in the lead in the third overtime when Joey Coulter's Chevrolet flew into the catch fence on the frontstretch after James Buescher's Chevy turned sideways from contact with the truck of Ron Hornaday Jr. Coulter walked away from the wreck.