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Muir Project film refreshing look at adventure

BACKPACKING — Most of us have marveled at the Radical Reels-type films of hard-bodied and sometimes weak-thinking adventurers challenging themselves to the limits of life and death to climb mountains or plunge off waterfalls in kayaks or cliffs on skis… whatever.

That's why I find this flick, "Mile…Mile & a Half" produced by The Muir Project so refreshing. It's about people with average outdoor skills taking on the 25-day, 219-mile John Muir Trail through the Sierra-Nevada Range of California.

It's truly refreshing, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.

Friday Quote II

“Anyone who stays long enough in a landscape…will eventually absorb some of what is wild about the place and come to realize that they are as much a part of it as the flora and fauna around them, and that their own innate wildness is affecting the place as much as the place affects them.”—- Mark Dowie

Dowie is an award winning investigative reporter and teaches science at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. His upcoming book, Conservation Refugees, tells the story of the indigenous peoples displaced in the interests of conservation. This might not sit too well with environmentalists as sacrosanct figures like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt are revealed to have little regard for millions who had been living sustainably for centuries, and were forced give up their land.

Bestselling author Michael Pollan commented “Dowie’s book advances the critical work of developing a new, more encompassing vision of nature, which makes it one of the most important contributions to conservation in many years.”

DTE had the pleasure of talking to Dowie last September. He has an incredible mind, and we’re thrilled to read his latest.