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Tips sought on tasered wrong-way driver

A wrong-way driver accused of causing a Spokane County sheriff’s deputy to drive off the road last summer is wanted by Crime Stoppers. 

Joseph W. Davis, 26, alias Joseph Boyce, left jail just after his arrest in June because prosecutors hadn’t filed charges. He was charged with attempting to elude police last month but didn’t show up for his arraignment; a $10,000 arrest warrant was issued Sept. 27.

 Davis was shocked with a Taser after he fled a sheriff’s deputy June 21 while driving the wrong way in the 11100 block of McFarland Road. He spat out a glob of white substance in the squad car that was determined to be methamphetamine, police said.

In April, Davis and Jumah A. Robinson, 32, were suspected of stealing a woman’s backpack and purse and gunpoint before their car ran out of gas near the Splash Down Water Park by Interstate 90.

At the time, Davis told police he was a drug addict with no money who threatened a woman from whom he’d arranged to buy meth. Police found a pornographic video, a sex toy, condoms, syringes and plastic baggies alongside the victim’s backpack.

Davis, 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds, is a transient. Anyone with information on his location is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or submit tips online.

Robbery victim’s stash: Sex toy, syringes

A robbery suspect arrested in a Spokane Valley water park after his truck ran out of gas reportedly told police he arranged to buy methamphetamine from the victim but robbed her instead.

Police found a pornographic video, a sex toy, condoms, syringes, plastic baggies along with the victim’s backpack, according to court documents filed today.

Joseph W. Boyce, aka Joseph Davis, told detectives he’s a meth addict with no money who threatened Jill Wick, 29, with a broken pellet gun before a friend, Jumah A. Robinson, 32, stole her backpack and purse in a parking lot at Trent and Argonne early Tuesday, according to court documents.

A K-9 helped police track Robinson and Boyce, 25, inside Splash Down Water Park after the men abandoned their 1998 Chevrolet pickup along eastbound Interstate 90. Police seized the pellet gun from the truck, along with two glass drug pipes, according to a search warrant.

Wick told police she met the men through her boyfriend and went to the Albertsons grocery store to give them a ride after they called her repeatedly. When she saw them in the truck, Wick said she asked “why they can’t just drive that vehicle wherever they wanted to go,” according to court documents.

Boyce is in jail on $50,000 bond; Robinson’s bond is at $25,000. Both are charged with first-degree robbery.