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Romney, Santorum In Robocall Flap

During Josh Romney's visit to Meridian Tuesday he called out President Obama for urging Democrats to cross over and vote for anyone but Mitt Romney in Tuesday's Michigan primary. "They don't want to face my dad," Romney said to a crowd of about 100. "President Obama does not want to run against my dad, so he's encouraging everyone in Michigan — all the Democrats — to vote for the other guys, don't vote for Mitt. It's a good sign for us, but it's making life tough in Michigan." Romney pulled out a critical 3-point win Tuesday, after blasting Rick Santorum for doing what his son attributed to the president. The candidate called Santorum's automated phone calls to Democrats — reminding them that Romney opposed bailing out the U.S. auto industry — a "dirty trick" Tuesday. Santorum omitted mention of the fact that he too opposed taxpayer loans to Detroit/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here. (AP photo of Rick Santorum after his 3-point loss to Mitt Romney in Michigan last night)

Question: Do robocalls from political candidates upset you?

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Romney’s son defends dad’s health care record

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Josh Romney campaign for dad in Spokane Valley

Josh Romney, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s son, spoke to about 75 people at CenterPlace in Spokane Valley on Tuesday.

Romney, 36, is the third of Romney’s five sons. He’s a real estate investor who lives in Salt Lake City.

He said his dad will campaign on March 1 in Bellevue and a location that hasn’t been finalized in Eastern Washington. He downplayed the recent surge in polls experienced by Santorum.

“We feel really good about how things are going. There’s no primary process that is easy or predictable,” he said. “We’re just making sure that people understand our message, our vision for this country and where my dad would take us.”

Josh Romney addressed concerns about his dad’s health care plan in Massachusetts, which he called “a state solution to a state problem.” He also stressed that his dad is “firmly pro-life,” and painted him as an outsider with important business experience.

“My dad’s the one guy who has never worked one day in Washington D.C.”