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What route to justice?

Good morning, Netizens…

This caricature of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, right, charged with attempting to blow up a Detroit-bound U.S. airliner, at his hearing in Detroit federal court on Friday Jan. 8, 2010

(THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Verna Sadock) doesn’t do the man much favor, but as I consider it, I don’t know if anything would favor him.

I was reading a class outline taught this week by retired detective Ron Wright and he poses a question which I feel is still unanswered, despite all the news media attention given Umar Abdulmutallab’s first appearance in court. When do the Constitutional rights we accord to our citizens end?

According to Ron_the_cop Wright, Abdulmutallab is an illegal enemy combatant and should not get Constitutional rights afforded to all US citizens. Abdulmutallab is a terrorist combatant, which seems on the face of it to be a perfectly-valid argument. He is not a citizen of the United States, although there is the question whether or not possessing a valid US Visa conveys any citizenship rights upon him.

If I am interpreting Ron’s argument correctly, there is nothing in our Constitution which should give Abdulmutallab, as a terrorist, the same rights as a citizen. Do you believe that to be true? It seems like a good question to be asking before someone else boards a plane with explosives in their BVD’s.