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Woman trapped in car escapes injury

Photo courtesy the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

Newman Lake Fire District and Spokane Valley Fire Department crews responded this morning to help a woman whose car had gone off the road and flipped near Sutton Bay in Newman Lake. Newman Lake Fire Chief Keith Yamane said the woman told firefighters she was uninjured even though her car landed 25 feet down a steep embankment. "They transported her in to get her checked out," he said.

Crews were on scene for a while, but most of the time was spent stabilizing the car and carrying the woman up the steep slope, Yamane said. He and a Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy used a winch on Yamane's brush truck to hold the car in place, then more lines were added as more crews arrived. "I think they tied the front end of the car to a tree," he said. "There wasn't a whole lot holding that car up. If it had started rolling again it would have rolled another 20 or 30 feet."

The woman was in a soft top jeep and it was easy to simply tear a hole in the top when firefighters reached her, Yamane said.