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Stateline Showgirls Keeping It On

On his Facebook wall, Kevin Taylor posts:

“Driving back to Spokane today, cutting through Stateline, and outside the Stateline Showgirls is this: 'It's back! Bikini Thursdays!' And I'm thinking, who would go to a nude dance club for bikini Thursday? And what's next? Parka Friday!! Bathrobe n' Curlers Monday!! Put it ON, baby! Woo!”

Question: Anyone understand the concept behind bikini Thursdays at a strip club?

Kevin: It’s A Wonderful Freelance Life

On his Facebook wall, Kevin Taylor, a former SR buddy and HucksOnline commenter, posts: “Strange life of the freelance writer: Up early to finish a piece for Gonzaga's magazine, jump in the truck and scoot to Seattle to take a last-minute assignment that pays really well, have a great interview with a woman who was receiving a civil rights award last night but who had spent the day walking on the BOTTOM of Puget Sound wrangling geoducks for the Suquamish Tribe, then drive 300 miles home. Why yes, I think George Clooney can play me in the movie.”

Question: Who should play you in a movie about your life? Why?

Kevin Taylor Leaving Inlander

So how’s this for a Last Word: I am leaving The Inlander after almost exactly seven years. Buh-bye! OK, so I realize I just wrote at least 11 — or possibly even 12 — words, depending on your view of hyphens. (No one has ever accused me of under-writing.) Here is something I’ve yet to tell many people, a little factoid that makes moving on not so painful: In the seven years I’ve worked at The Inlander, I have never put the office keys on my key ring. Just carried them loose in my pocket/Kevin Taylor, Inlander. More here. (Inlander photo: Young Kwak)

Question: Any parting words for Kevin?

KT: If Tom Cruise Assassinated Hitler:

If Tom Cruise had assassinated Hitler: Churchill, Roosevelt and a freed Germany turn on Stalin and beat the Soviet Union into plowshares and crappy sedans. THUS: Ronald Reagan lives out his life doing voiceovers in commercials and is not in a position to electrify a young DFO into becoming a Republican. THUS, a long-haired DFO runs an organic eggplant stall in the farmer’s market in Petaluma and never launches HBO. THUS Bob is voted Rookie of the Year (1988), Most Improved (1993, 2000) and Most Prolix (2003-07) in the Skamania County Ridgeline Owners Club … known as Honda Boys Only … or HBO. Sam buys an AK/Kevin Taylor.

Question: What public person or event affected your life?

KevinT: Cat Dies, No Help In Sight

And I don’t know about y’all but I got home last night to find my cat curled up dead in the house … an effective if extreme strategy to get out of helping me shovel. And I don’t know about all this blather on the teevee about the blizzard creating “community” and blah blah blah but both nights I was out shoveling knee- and thigh-deep snow the people of my neighborhood were hustling past me to the mini mart to, as one cheerfully sang out: “Gotta go get some beer and cigarettes. We might be laid up in the house for awhile!” Now that’s the Spokane spirit!/Kevin Taylor.

Question: What kind of pet do you have? How important is it to you?