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KHQ/Fox News F-Bomb Goes Viral

On Saturday, Spokane's KHQ reporter/producer Lindsay Nadrich suffered every newscaster's nightmare when a story she was producing for Fox News inadvertently aired a clip that should have been ash-canned, containing two F-bombs. The goof-up appears to be the result of error. (Warning: strong Language content).

Question: What would you do if you were management?

KHQ, DFO Discuss Police Chief Longo

On News Break at noon today, KHQ's Ken McGrath & I discussed Police Chief Wayne Longo running down an armed robber and then helping a stranded motorist at busy intersection of Northwest Boulevard & Seltice Way. That's Chief Longo talking to physical therapist Gary Bartoo before the tow truck arrives Thursday night. Amy Bartoo took photo..

KHQ Right Now - News and Weather for Spokane and North Idaho |

Favorite Olympics Q6 news promo?

Or are there simply too many from which to choose?

Last week’s officers-down event spiked area’s news organization websites

In case you wondered.  Last week's dramatic events involving a chase of a felon who shot two Spokane deputies was a big deal with area online news companies.

We asked how much those events affected the companies' news sites.

Here's what we learned, based on self-reported numbers. (We don't subscribe to the tracker sites that can scoop recent data, for a fairly high fee.)

KXLY.com reported an 83 percent spike in unique visitors for that Tuesday, compared with other Tuesday.

KHQ.com (also owned by the same company that owns The Spokesman-Review) reported a 9 percent total spike in unique visitors, over the Tuesday site average.

Spokesman.com reported a 12 percent hike in unique visitors above the Tuesday daily average.

KREM did not respond to an invitation to provide numbers.

Latest KHQ NewsBreak Recall Story

Here's the latest story of Your Huckleberry Hound talking to Dave Cotton for this morning's KHQ Newsbreak. (Notice how I'm looking more toward the camera? I forgot to smile. But I'm working on it):

KHQ: Cocalalla Loop Washed Out

Dylan Wohlenhaus/KHQ is on the scene reporting on the washout of Cocalalla Loop in Bonner County.

KHQ, SWX to televise Shock

After a season on KREM/KSKN, Spokane Shock games in 2012 will be televised on KHQ/SWX. KHQ will air the season opener, the remaining eight homes will be on SWX.

More here.

Also, WR Brandon Thompkins officially re-signed with the Shock. A late season addition in 2011, Thompkins had 17 catches for 200 yards in four games.

More on Thompkins below.

Video: Riverfront Park’s pike-catching teen featured in TV report

FISHING — It's cool that KHQ TV followed up on my Tuesday story about the Spokane teenager who surprised himself and a lot of onlookers as he hook,fought and landed a 42-inch-long northern pike in the Spokane River near the Loof Carrousel.

Joe Buster, who just turned 18, clearly is an ambassador for the sport of fishing.

A few other notes on why his story is special:

Peter Roundy at the General Store gives special attention to Joe in selecting the gear to feed his enthusiasm for the sport. Joe is a special ed student at a Spokane High School.  He's a class act.

Cowles Company Pension Plan Frozen

Cowles Company, which owns The Spokesman-Review, KHQ-TV, The Journal of Business and other businesses, announced Thursday that it will freeze the company’s pension plan effective Sept.  1. At the same time, Cowles will open its 401(k) match to all employees affected by the change. The transition affects about 473 employees, or 56 percent of the company’s eligible work force who were not included in a partial freeze three years ago. Their accrued pension benefit will be capped at present levels. “Revenue and profit predictability has diminished dramatically across all of our businesses in the last decade,” Cowles Company President Stacey Cowles said in a prepared statement/Tom Sowa, Office Hours. More here.

KHQ says Baumgartner deleted questions from station’s Facebook Q & A

KHQ is reporting that Republican state Senate candidate Michael Baumgarter deleted questions to him from Facebook users during a KHQ Facebook interview last week.

Mark Billings, executive assignment producer at KHQ, said the Baumgartner campaign admitted to deleting questions they felt were biased and likely written by supporters of his opponent, incumbent Democrat state Sen. Chris Marr.

This campaign season, KHQ’s Facebook page has hosted question and answer sessions with almost 10 candidates. Billings, who has organized the events, said candidates come to the KHQ newsroom and are signed on using KHQ’s Facebook account.

Billings said the session was monitored by a KHQ staff member, but that person was looking for cuss words and vulgarity. The moderator didn’t notice that some questions had been deleted.

Baumgartner, who was the 7th candidate to participate in the KHQ Facebook feature, was told that he had the right to “answer or not answer any question.” Billings said. He also was told that a moderator would be watching the posts and to check with the moderator if problems arose.

Billings said he did not specifically tell Baumgartner that he was not allowed to delete posts, but that ”I felt that was pretty clear.”

Here is a bit of what KHQ posted on Facebook earlier today about the incident:


Stephanie Vigil Inks KHQ Extension

KHQ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Spokane, WA is pleased to announce a multi-year contract extension with anchor Stephanie Vigil. The agreement solidifies the region’s longest tenured anchor team and signifies further stability at Spokane’s legacy television station. In addition to anchoring KHQ’s 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 11:00pm newscasts, Vigil will also helm the weeknight edition of FOX First at Ten on KAYU-TV. Vigil has been a staple on KHQ for 13 years. Already an Edward R. … Vigil came to Spokane from Sacramento, Calif., as anchor of the morning news./KHQ. More here.

Question: Do you consider Stephanie Vigil and Dan Kleckner to be the best evening news duo in the Spokane television market today. If not … which duo is best?

KHQ: Kyra Wine Continues To Heal

Last night, KHQ followed Kyra Wine, of St. Maries, to camp and provided this video that shows she is rebounding from the horrible abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother and her horrible boyfriend.

Hayden Man Escapes Death In Storm

In one Hayden Lake neighborhood more than a dozen trees came down and several homes were damaged in Wednesday night’s wind and rain storm. No one was seriously hurt but one man said he came close to death when a tree came crashing into his home. Fred LeClair of Hayden Lake said he went to bed early last night and awoke to the sound of his roof caving in. “I’m still in shock, it’s amazing, that’s a big tree in the house,” said LeClair/KHQ. More here.

Question: Have you ever had a nature-caused brush w/death?

KHQ’s Shred Day Under Way

KHQ’s Shred Day is underway right now, what are you doing to keep your personal information safe? Experts say, with identity theft on the rise, now more than ever it is important to shred all sensitive documents you might have lying around your home, or at work. As part of Shred Day this year, KHQ followed one local business working to keep your personal information safe. PAML on the South Hill, a company that works in the Health Care industry, says not only is shredding your documents the right thing to do, it’s critical/KHQ. More here.

Question: Do you shred sensitive documents? Or do you simply throw them in the trash?

KHQ: U-High Paper Column Offends Many

Some journalism students and a teacher are learning a hard lesson in ethics after printing racial and offensive language in their high school newspaper. It happened at University High School in the Central Valley School District. The latest edition of the school newspaper, The Mercury, was printed on Friday, April 9th. Random students were asked “If you could be famous for anything, what would you be famous for?” One sophomore wrote he wants to be famous for quote” Killing someone famous.” Others said “Mass murderer,” “Having an affair with the President,” “Dropping a nuke on the Middle East,” “Killing the President with a trident,” “Leader of the KKK” and “Being JFK’s assassin”/KHQ. More here. (KHQ Photo)

Question: Would you be offended by this provocative column? And/or: What would you like to be famous for?

Poolman: How About HD For Zags?

Poolman: I lived through the Stephanie Vigil early years of bad hair cuts and chattered news reading. I’ve been willing to accept Dan Kleckners transition from a pretty good sports guy to sort of goofy news guy. But, the fact that they cannot pony up the jing required to broadcast Gonzaga basketball in HIGH DEFENITION is off the charts infuriating. Don’t broadcast the games if you aren’t going to do it right. Even Fox Northwest is doing games in HD. I guess on the bright side the Jeremy Pargo New Kids on the Block hair cut is not nearly as annoying in Low Definition, analog, or whatever it is they are broadcasting in.

Question: Anyone else feel Poolman’s pain?

Yabetcha: KHQ’s Vertically Challenged

Yabetcha: Anyone else having trouble with KHQ, cable ch 6? The images are vertically stretched; long and skinney people. It’s been this way for over a month. Been told by KHQ earlier it was a cable problem but Adelphia says its a broadcast problem. Please, no comments about going to Direct TV or dish. I just want to know if others are troubled and what run around they are getting. I probably should learn to enjoy it, as at least I don’t have to look at all these really obese people.

Question: Anyone?