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Nectar Wine founder plans new location in Kendall Yards, using Kickstarter

Josh Wade, who launched Nectar Tasting Room in 2011 in downtown Spokane, is adding a wine-and-beer specialty store and pub in the Kendall Yards neighborhood.

He will move into a 2,200-square-foot space adjoining Veraci Pizza, east of Central Food. His new location will be called Nectar Wine and Beer, at 1331 W. Summit Parkway.

The front third of the space will be used to sell retail wine, beer and cheese. The middle area will offer seating for food service. The back third, facing the river, will be a 35-seat lounge and tasting area featuring wines and craft beers.

Veraci Pizza will provide the menu, Wade said. He expects the new location to open in February.

Wade has launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $20,000 to provide his initial inventory. Interior design will be done by Hissong Design Group.

Nectar Tasting Room will remain open. His new business will operate six days a week, Wade added

The most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen

This is the most amazing Kickstarter project ever. No words are needed to describe the awesome.

For more details, and to sign up for the (ALREADY FUNDED!) Kickstarter, check out the Bunch O Balloons campaign page here.

Potato Salad Plants a Seed

Kickstarter’s Potato Salad challenge – which raised more than $40,000 in its first week, far-exceeding its $10 goal and attracting national media attention – seems to have spurred a couple of Spokane projects.

Backers can now help a Spokane 20-something grow tomatoes. They can also pay for ingredients for a yearlong cooking project reminiscent of “Julie and Julia.”

The latter project – “My Joy of Cooking Challenge” – comes from Greg Kauwe, 31, the subject of the May “In the Kitchen with … ” feature in the Spokesman-Review Food section. The project was mentioned in the story, but that was before the Kickstarter campaign.

Kauwe is on a mission to complete one recipe per week for a year from the 1946 edition of “Joy of Cooking.” He posted the Kickstarter project on week 12, hoping to raise $500. Donations would help him take on the more “daring/costly” recipes. He writes about each one on his blog.

Rewards include being thanked on Twitter or mentioned in a wrap-up blog post when the project’s complete, selecting a recipe for Kauwe to cook, and receiving a video of him making the dish you picked for him to prepare.

The “I’m Growing Tomatoes” project was posted by Jonas Burke, who describes himself as “just a poor, currently unemployed 20-something struggling as we all do.” On his page, he says he’s ready to go with garden supplies, tomato seeds, a green thumb and sense of humor. He lists risks and challenges as “aphids and other garden pests.” He’s hoping to raise $50 by Aug. 6.

Rewards include being thanked on social media as well as while he’s watering the plants, an e-card noting the progress of the plants and  having a plant named in your honor as well as receiving updates and postcards. Bigger spenders can name a plant, decide what he does with the tomatoes and receive a video or live-stream as proof, and receive seeds from the plants. For $50, he will send you one of the plants, with a “full back story and a letter of thanks.”

Burke acknowledges the frivolity of his plan.

But, he writes, “It'd mean a lot if you could donate to my silly fund.”


Startup inventor Brooke Martin featured on Fox, pushes her over Kickstarter goal

Getting her face on Fox Business News on Monday morning helped push Chris and Brooke Martin to exceed their Kickstarter goal for their Spokane startup company, iCPooch.

The 14-year-old Brooke was featured last year in a Spokesman Review article about iCPooch, her technology device to interact with a dog and reward the dog with a treat.

Fox Business News featured her this morning on its show, and nicely enough, the press attention pushed ICPooch over the $20,000 target of the campaign.

The money will help the company start moving forward with design plans for the device, which could be sold in the $145 range.


SAVORx launches Kickstarter campaign

Pete Taylor is serious about spice - a passion he'd like to share with a new business called SAVORx.

Taylor, a Coeur d'Alene chef who trained at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, and I met last summer to talk about his plans to launch the business. But he later put the idea on the back burner as he considered a tantalizing job offer.

Now, he's ready to get his spice and recipe business rolling. Taylor launched a Kickstarter campaign this week, hoping to raise $12,000 for SAVORx. Kickstarter is a crowd-source funding website that allows innovators to post a video detailing their business idea and solicit start-up money from people who like the idea.

The would-be entrepreneurs usually promise a little something in return for pledges. Taylor is offering serious stunts and swag for pledges to help get the business off the ground. He's up to tattooing someone's name or business name on his body and a trip to India with him and his film crew as they sniff out the world's best sources for spice.

“It’s the least I can do for someone that is helping me achieve my dream”, Taylor says in a news release. “This is a win/win for both of us, the viral aspect of this is HUGE, and the person/company would get some amazing publicity."

The idea behind SAVORx is to sell high-quality spices, along with recipes and videos of Taylor making the dishes. Taylor hopes to convince home cooks to toss the tired spices that have been kicking around cupboards since 1988 for whole, fresh spices that they toast and grind themselves.

Check out the video above for all the details. It might be worth pledging a little something just to see more of Taylor's reaction to the ghost pepper he eats in the video.

Here are some other places to get more details. The SAVORx website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.