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Man Demands Kidney in Divorce

Now let this be a lesson to all you kids; only accept organs from those true friends who won’t want them back…

Friendship isn’t the conflict with Long Island surgeon, Dr. Richard Batista, and wife Dawnell Batista. Findingulcinea.com reports that Dr. Batista is demanding through divorce proceedings that his wife “return the kidney he donated to her or pay him $1.5 million in compensation.” 

The case, as ‘unique’ as it may be, is described as a “nonstarter” and having “virtually no chance of succeeding,” by Georgetown University medical ethicists,  (people who decide what’s ethical in the medical world…),  based on the fact that it’s illegal in the United States to trade bodily organs with anything of value. 

“In theory, we are asking for the return of the kidney,” Dr. Batista’s lawyer clarified.  “Of course, he wouldn’t really ask for that, but the value of it.”

What do you think about this? What would you say to the requested return of a donated body part?