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Former S-R reporter reviews book for New York Times

  Kim Barker, a reporter for the Spokesman-Review in 1995 to 1998, reviewed a book on Afghanistan for the New York Times Book Review that will be published Sunday. The book, titled No Good Men Among the Living, was written by Anand Gopal.

  Barker is a former foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and wrote about her experiences as a journalist in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Her book, Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan, was critically well-received. She read from her book in May 2011 at Auntie's Books.

  Barker is now a reporter for ProPublica.

  Here's a link to her review.






Today’s fun video: SuperPACman


Spin Control returns after some light days with a fun video for your viewing enjoyment.

Why this video? you may ask.

Because Colbert "interviews" an old friend and colleague, Kim Barker of ProPublica, for part of the video. And, of course, because it's funny.