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Unlikely warrior dies

Former Kootenai Chairwoman Amelia Trice died July 21.

Kootenai tribal elder Amelia Trice made national headlines in 1974 when she led her tiny band in what is now known as the last Indian war against the U.S. government.

The standoff at Bonners Ferry led to creation of a 12.5-acre reservation for the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and improvements to housing and health. The event also set the stage for tribal growth over the years.

Trice, 75, died last week after a long bout with cancer. More here.

I love this quote, “The state police came with Mace and sawed-off shotguns,” Trice said at the time. “The closest thing we had to a weapon in our tribal office was a fly swatter.”

Do you know much about Native American history? Had you heard of the last Indian war against the U.S. government?