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Bring back Jason Kadah, missing in action…

Good morning, Netizens…

After my piece on the demise of Jason Kadah, former KREM-2 morning weather forecaster, and many responses later, I sort of figured despite his humorous approach to weather forecasting in the morning, he was missing in Spokane, and nothing would ever bring him back to the Spokane news media. Then the Jacob Fries of the Inlander posted a message in their blog that might add even more heat to the fire on Wed, Aug. 11, 2010.

That is only the beginning. Jason now apparently has a Facebook page of his fans all clamoring for his return, and I adamantly and thoroughly concur. Watching the morning weather forecast on KREM these days simply isn’t the same without Kadah’s off-the-wall sense of humor, if not the accuracy of his weather forecasts. Grace Pena’s upbeat bouncy morning weather simply is not an acceptable replacement! When she tries to be funny, it becomes a painful experience, like having a molar extracted, and I immediately reach for the channel changer and begin looking for another weather forecast.

It seems funny in an abstract way that Kadah was fired by KREM’s news director Noah Cooper, but now when anyone wants to know the details, you are referred to station manager Jamie Atkin who, it appears, is conveniently out of town on vacation.

Plus according to the Inlander piece, there is pending litigation between Kadah and KREM, which may stop everything in its tracks, somewhat similar to what happened to Nadine Woodward.

I’ll reiterate what I have stated several times before: give me back Jason Kadah. KREM-2 doesn’t have a clue what I like, and irreverence works for me!


Jason Kadah redux…

Good morning, Netizens…

I seem to have provoked a lot of comments lately about the local weather forecasts after KREM-2’s weather forecaster Jason Kadah recently disappeared from our television screens. For the most part, I totally agree with what has been said and as several have spoken quite eloquently, Jason Kadah was your quintessential funny man, who mixed humor and the weather with fairly predictable measure. There are not enough people on local television that can make me grin, and Jason was one of those rare creatures.

Granted, Kadah did appear to serve beneath the shadow of KREM’s Tom Sherry, who is not only their chief meteorologist, and thus perhaps Kadah’s straw boss, but Sherry is their go-to guy when it comes to promoting various non-profit causes. It is hard to argue with the success of Tom’s Turkey Drive, and the various other causes Sherry promotes. One can only speculate whether there was friction there.

That, as several have noted, is only the edge of the iceberg. We have seen a high turnover rate of personnel at various news and weather positions at KREM-2, some of whom like Kadah, had established a niche for themselves in the public’s eye. Could it be possible that public popularity is only a tiny fraction of the criteria station managers use to determine who gets the axe?

I think so, and thus for the time being, and based upon previous engagements, we are stuck with a series of new faces. My belief is they will persist so long as they do not become too popular. Thanks to everyone who were willing to comment on the thread about Jason Kadah’s departure.


Jason Kadah has left the building…

Good morning, Netizens…

Ah, the personnel policies of KREM-2. At least in the case of Nadine Woodward, KREM-2 TV she was allowed to give the viewers a bit of notification that she was moving on. However, in the case of Jason Kadah, last week he was there and the today he is gone. I spoke with KREM-2’s staff this morning and confirmed what I suspected since last week.

Morning Meteorologist Jason Kadah is gone. No reason is given; just that he will no longer be broadcasting his odd brand of humor mixed with weather in the morning on KREM any longer.

Some people on Facebook have been asking and getting no answers, not even from Jason Kadah. It does give one pause to wonder if there was some kind of pre-termination agreement which prohibits him from bidding a proper farewell.

Now the question is who will replace him? At least we won’t have corny jokes in the morning. That might be a good thing; maybe not.


KREM.COM is offline…

Good morning, Netizens…

krem.com has been offline for about twenty minutes. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it, but it appears something major has broken.