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Watch the mayor, police chief in TV forum tonight

Mayor David Condon and Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub will take viewer questions tonight in a live program on KSPS, Channel 7.

Talk to City Hall starts at 7 p.m.

I'll join Kristi Gorenson of KXLY on the program. Viewers can email questions to cityhall@ksps.org. We'll focus on police department policies and other city business.

Ex-Cowles exec to be KSPS movie host

Shaun Higgins, who was a newspaper company executive for ages, will be one of three new hosts for "Saturday Night Cinema" on KSPS.

The trio replace longtime host Bill Stanley, who stepped down.

In other media news involving former SR people…

Hasson worked here quite a while ago.



“No Time for Sergeants” tonight at 8

That guy hidden by the salute is Andy Griffith as country boy Will Stockdale. After this 1958 film version of the novel and stage play, he wouldn't stay hidden much longer.

It's on KSPS, Channel 7.


Tonight on KSPS-TV at 8 — “Diner”


I'm willing to bet that a hell of a lot of this has not aged at all well in 30 years. And I recall that there are some astonishingly depressing parts. I'm even willing to acknowledge that watching some young, self-absorbed guys talk, talk, talk might not be all that appealing if you yourself are no longer young and full of it.

But I suspect a few of the diner conversations still feel like four-star eavesdropping. If you have never seen this, I recommend recording it and then fast-forwarding through everything but the diner scenes.

Yes, I realize a cinephile would find that suggestion abhorrent. But hey, we're all pressed for time.  

A show I would watch

As you might know, KSPS is looking for someone to replace Bill Stanley as host of Channel 7's "Saturday Night Cinema." Bill is stepping down after many years of genial movie introducing.

Well, the online form calls for applicants to submit video auditions. Wouldn't you guess that half an hour of sample try-outs would make for some pretty entertaining viewing? 


McMorris Rodgers agrees to two debates

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has decided to debate her Democratic opponent twice before the November election.

After this month's primary, Democrat Rich Cowan challenged McMorris Rodgers to debate him in each of the 5th Congressional District's 10 counties. After her town hall meeting on Thursday in Spokane, McMorris Rodgers said that she responded to Cowan in writing by agreeing to his request - but only if Washington's Democratic U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell agrees to debate her Republican rival in all 39 of Washington's counties.

So, in orther words, her answer was no — though it's worth noting that her decision to debate twice is twice as many as she agreed to in 2010.

Send your questions for Condon and Stuckart to KSPS

Spokane Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart will appear on a live call-in show on KSPS on Wednesday.

KSPS is accepting questions for the duo at cityhall@ksps.org. The show starts at 8 p.m.

I'll be on the panel for the show, Talk to City Hall, so feel free to post suggested topics here, as well. 

Tonight’s KSPS movie: “Local Hero”

It's not for everyone. But among its loyal fans, this film is beloved.

And unlike most stations, Channel 7 could be trusted to not ruin the touching ending by cutting in with blaring promos or going to a commercial two seconds into the credits. 


Kids Incorporated: The VOX!

Local TV Channel, KSPS, has a periodic show that features various teen jobs in the area. The Vox was recently featured. Check it out!