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Saad’s Shoe Repair leaves NorthTown Mall, relocates to nearby office building

Saad’s Shoe Repair, one of the first businesses to move into the NorthTown Mall, is moving out.

Current owner Larry Alfano said he's relocating the shoe business to the nearby Northtown Office Building at 4407 N. Division St.

Saad's has been in the mall since it opened its doors in 1956.

He said the move will be more convenient for store employees and customers. It's prompted by major renovations being planned by the mall owners.

“We’ll have more and easier parking in the new space. And since we’ll leave the mall, we won’t need to stay open until 9 p.m.,” he said.

He took over the business in 1985 from the Saad family. The new store will open July 1.

“I’m a little scared. We had to close our downtown store last year due to the deaths of two employees. Now we’re moving from a spot we’ve been in for decades,” he said.

“But I think it will work out,” he added.

Saad’s Shoe Repair closes downtown store, leaving one shop at NorthTown

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The downtown Saad's Shore Repair store at 215 N. Wall closed at the end of November.

A note on the door directs customers to the Saad's store at NorthTown Mall. Owner Larry Alfano wrote that the recent untimely deaths of longtime Saad employees William Ogle Jr. and Ruth Carter precipitated the decision.

We'll try to keep track of possible tenants interested in taking over the Saad location downtown.

The first Saad's went into the building in 1906, Alfano said. He bought the shoe repair business from the Saad family in 1986. At the time, he operated four stores, including shops at Manito Shopping Center and U-City Mall. 

As shoe repair declined, the last two stores were downtown and at NorthTown.

The NorthTown store is open Monday through Saturday, said Alfano.

The S-R ran a story on the death of Ruth Carter in November. She worked at Saad's for nearly 60 years.

Several Spokane shoe repair businesses are still operating, including Goodyear Shoe Repair, Cruz Custom Boots, the NorthTown Saad’s and Ressa’s Shoe Service.