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“You could kill a horse”

My Saturday Wise Words interview was with Larry Rider, deputy chief of Spokane Valley Fire Department. He talked about the difference between fitness levels 32 years ago, when he first became a firefighter, and now. His imagery in the excerpt below certainly reflects the difference in eating habits then and now.

Back when I first came on, they’d get oysters and they’d batter fry them. Or the guy would take bacon grease and pour it over his eggs. You could kill a horse. They wondered why they were dying of heart attacks. Today you’ll see the guys steaming vegetables. It’s just an entirely different culture than it was 32 years ago.

But it does make you wonder what we've had to give up in flavor for long-term health.I still miss chicken liver pasta, for instance.

What kill-a-horse-foods do you miss?

(S-R photo by Colin Mulvany)