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If you plan to try out peer lending, here’s a tip from a successful blogger

Our recent Page 1 story about peer-to-peer lending gathered a few interesting online comments from readers.

One, from a Texan named Marc, was notable because he commented that in the past few months he managed to earn the "top return" position on Lending Club, one of the two major peer lending businesses. His current return is above 20 percent, based on numbers he's tracking from his investments at lendingclub.com.

You can find more information about Marc's strategy to maximize his loans at http://lcp2p.blogspot.com/.

Disclosure:  We have no idea who Marc is, other than that he's apparently a smart guy who reads Office Hours and pays attention to lending strategies that work.

For data heads, we should add that Lending Club is one of the more transparent sites that offer a wide range of useful numbers and charts. For a sampling, here's the Lending Club main statistics page.