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Bloomsday sells former building to Spokane lawyer John Munding

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Spokane attorney John Munding has moved his law office from the Davenport Tower to the former Bloomsday organization office, at 1610 W. Riverside Ave.

Munding paid $326,000 for the 3,500-square-foot office building. Earlier this year the Lilac Bloomsday Association vacated the building and moved to another office in the West Central neighborhood .

Munding said he will use the entire building for his firm. It's one of the few office buildings with its own "troll bridge," Munding said. Or, if we misheard, he said "draw bridge." Sounded like the former.

Brian Walker of NAI Black represented the buyer. Pat Martin, of Martin Partners Real Estate, represented the Bloomsday Association in the deal.

Bloomsday group’s wall cut-out feature in action, in sunlight

Pictures usually do a lot more than words at explaining architectural details.

Today's SR story on the new Lilac Bloomsday Association office building is a great example.

The story said that project manager Chad McDonald decided to add a few touches to the building to make it more appealing.

The story said:  "McDonald asked a relative to design several short steel panels with cutout shapes of runners and the words “Run” and “Spokane.” He fastened those panels to the street-facing edges of the four steel canopies that hang about 6 feet off the ground and that reach out about 3 feet from the westside exterior wall."

So how does that look? This image from McDonald's phone gives some idea of the visual impact. Granted, it's still not visually clean and simple. The two lower words are in fact the cast shadows created by the words cut into the steel edges.

Photo: Chad McDonald