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Moscow Prepares For Hamptonfest

As the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival approaches, businesses in Moscow are preparing for the mass amount of people who will be in town. The University of Idaho ticket office is continuing to sell tickets and has almost sold out for Friday nights show. “Tickets have been on sale since the beginning of the semester and we have found that Friday is the most popular because the Manhattan Transfer is a band that is popular and people are familiar with,” said Samantha Purcell, UI ticket sales representative. Local restaurants, including Applebee's and Smoky Mountain have been ordering more products to prepare/Kayla Hermann, UI Argonaut. More here. (AP illustration of Lionel Hampton)

Question: Which jazz musician is your favorite?

MM: Why No Jazz Station in Hamptonville?

Moscow Minidoka: I don’t know how many of you regularly listen to Spokane’s NPR station (KPBX) on Friday nights, but there is just something really special about having classic jazz set the mood on Friday night. Bruce Davis’ show (focused on the swing era) is a highlight of my week, but the jazz they play afterwards is great, too. My biggest complaint is they fill the airwaves with classical music all week long, and just give us two nights of jazz. My time in Boise and Seattle spoiled me, ‘cause there you could get jazz on the radio every night … just wonderful. It frustrates me that the town that hosts the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival has no jazz station …

Question: What’s your favorite public radio program?