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Boy In Street Gives Sunday Meaning

Sunday morning. Same routine, same rush to get everyone out the door in an attempt to make it to church on time. Same route with the same irritating Sunday drivers. But two weeks ago, our Sunday sameness was interrupted. “Look at that guy!” my husband exclaimed. A car had stopped in the middle of Lincoln Road and a man was standing near the driver’s door, talking to someone. That someone was a small boy wandering down the center of the street. I wondered if his kid had jumped out of the car, but the boy seemed confused and wary of the man. We pulled up beside him and turned on our flashers. “I’m getting out,” I said. The driver seemed relieved as I approached. “Is this your child?”/Cindy Hval, Washington Voices. More here.

Question: Have you ever “lost” one of your kids. Did you ever wander off as a child?