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Handball hero gets the girl

Vincent and Peggy Slatt, 94 and 93, respectively, celebrated their 70th anniversary at home on May 16. They married in 1944, when Vincent was a junior lieutenant in the Navy.Jesse Tinsley photo

Handball has played a pivotal role in Vince Slatt’s life. If not for his expertise at the game, he might never have married, Peggy, his wife of 70 years.

Vince Slatt and Peggy Hennessey grew up in Butte. He attended an all-boys high school; she went to an all-girls school. After graduation, Vince attended the University of Notre Dame and Peggy went to the University of St. Mary, in Leavenworth, Kansas.

In 1941, they were both home for the holidays. Several dances were held and Vince had his eye on Peggy. Unfortunately, so did his friend.

“We both wanted to take Peggy to a dance,” Vince recalled. “We didn’t want to flip a coin, so we played handball. I won, so I got to take her to the dance.”

One dance was all it took. Peggy laughed. “My mother said, ‘Oh, you would fall in love with a tango lizard,’ ” she said. She glanced at Vince and added, “He’s still a great dancer!” Read more. Cindy Hval, SR

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Teen Romance = 63 Married Years

Harold “Pete” Clarke started working at a small South Hill grocery store at age 12. By 16, his duties had expanded to grocery delivery. One day he dropped off groceries at a house and was instantly smitten by the beautiful girl who answered the door. Her name was Ruth Moline, and Pete made sure her house was always on his route. “I’d go like a bat out of hell and deliver all my boxes,” he recalled. “Somehow I always ended up at her house.” Ruth didn’t mind. She said, “I kept him there a couple times.” In fact, she kept him a bit too long. “One day the grocery store owner called looking for Pete and they found him at my house.” Pete grinned. “He suggested I not do that”/Cindy Hval, Love Stories, SR. More here.

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High Noon: Working Out

Dale and Eva Eastburg embrace at their home in Mead on June 28. The Eastburgs celebrated their 70th anniversary in May. He’s 90, she’s 88 and they enjoy going to the gym three days a week.

Dale Eastburg has never forgotten the first time he saw his future wife, Eva. Neither has she.

“I was in the front yard and Dale drove by on his motorcycle and almost crashed, because he was gawking at me,” Eva said.

“I almost hit a pole!” Dale confirmed.

It was 1939 and Dale, a senior at Rogers High School, asked one of the boys in the neighborhood to introduce him to the dark-haired beauty with the stunning smile.

Soon they became inseparable. Eva attended North Central High School, but not for long. Dale grinned. “I talked her into transferring to Rogers.” Cindy Hval, SR Full story.

An amazing couple. Married 70 years, they still go on dates every Friday and workout 3 times a week. How often do you exercise?

High Noon: Never Too Late

Love can bloom in unexpected places. For Lorraine Lanterman, 77, and Kent Collings, 95, it blossomed at Orchard Crest Retirement Community. “We met at the bridge table,” Collings recalled. His wife of 70 years died in 2007, shortly after they’d moved to Orchard Crest. Lanterman was a widow. Her husband of 53 years had died. She enjoyed Collings’ company. “He’s good-looking and very kind,” she said/Cindy Hval, SR, Love Stories. More here. (SR photo: Jesse Tinsley)

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Love Stories: Washing Dishes For Love

Love can make a person do unexpected things. For Rusty Clemons, it motivated him to wash dishes at his brother’s Colville restaurant. A pretty waitress named Marie had caught his eye. One night when the dishwasher didn’t show up, Marie offered to pitch in, and Rusty quickly volunteered to help her. “I went over to Colville a lot to just hang around,” Rusty recalled. “I was footloose, you know.” It had been awhile since the 25-year-old young man felt footloose. He’d grown up in tiny Rice, Wash., and times were tough. “I quit high school in my junior year,” Rusty said/Cindy Hval, Love Stories. Story here. (SR photo/J. Bart Rayniak, of Marie and Rusty Clemons)

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Cindy: Love Stories Drive 1st Book

Writing a book is a lot like giving birth, except it takes a lot longer than nine months and nobody offers you an anesthetic. For the past 18 months, in between newspaper deadlines and family responsibilities, I’ve been writing my first book, “War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation.” The book is a collection of stories about couples who married during or shortly after World War II – many of them featured in my Love Stories series in The Spokesman-Review. Just like the birth of my four sons, this endeavor is all my husband’s fault – or at least his idea/Cindy Hval, SR. More here.

Question: What would you write about, if you wrote a book?

Front Porch: Mother of 4, Heel Thyself

They called to me. They twinkled at me from among sensible square-toed pumps and frivolous flip-flops trimmed with plastic daisies. They glittered. They sparkled. They shone. I didn’t even intend to look at shoes as I scanned the racks at my favorite thrift store, but a shaft of sunlight lit up the golden shoes. If angel choirs approve of 4-inch stiletto heels made by Fredrick’s of Hollywood, than those angels were singing hallelujah, as I reached for the shoes/Cindy Hval, Front Porch, Washington Voices. More here. (AP file photo: Six-feet-tall ruby red slippers are shown outside of Madame Tussauds in New York in mid-July)

What kind of shoes are you wearing at the moment?

CindyH: Tied Up?

Jerry Gleesing, photographed with his wife, Nancy, in February 2010, died Sunday, April 25, 2010, at age 85. Gleesing was commander of the Spokane Inland Empire Chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of War.

I really do have a good excuse for not subbing for DFO as he takes his 134th vacation of the year. I’m writing a book: “Love Stories From the Greatest Generation.” The book is a collection of love stories about couples who met/married during or shortly after World War II. It will feature approximately 30 stories like this one.

Due to the ages of my subjects it’s been a challege to find couples where BOTH partners are still living and able to share their stories.

Perhaps my fellow Hucksters can help. If you know of any couples who fit the above description, please send me a note at dchval@juno.com

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming :-)