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Mama Bear Moxie: Playing the gatekeeper

Sometimes a mom has to let her kids make decisions, even if she thinks they’ll regret them in the end.

Mama Bear Moxie: Why my kids don’t, and won’t, have cellphones

Mama Bear Moxie advice

Mama Bear Moxie: Becoming ‘Mommy’ after adoption

Adopting my daughter has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest, things that I have done in my life.

Mama Bear Moxie: Be still my cynical heart

Love should be actively celebrated and shown throughout the entire year and not just on a random day in the middle of February.

Mama Bear Moxie: The art of saying no

“Saying ‘no’ is really saying ‘yes’ to yourself.”

Mama Bear Moxie: Taking ‘just’ out of your vocabulary

I spent 10 years as the mother of two boys before our adopted daughter arrived last year. I can’t begin to count the number of times that I heard the …

Mama Bear Moxie: Learning your love language

“The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman really narrows down the complexity of people into five different ways they show or receive love: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, physical …

Mama Bear Moxie: Bring friends together at the dining table

Some of my most memorable moments as a child were eagerly awaiting the friends that would grace our dining table on weekends.

Mama Bear Moxie: Why Thanksgiving is better than Christmas

The long Thanksgiving weekend provides the time together as a family that I crave. The colder weather and the special food mush together to encourage lazy mornings, lots of game …

MAMA BEAR MOXIE: Sanity savings time

I have never been a fan of daylight saving time. I have had my fair share of late nights, early mornings and the occasional being late to church-to-hear- the-very-last -sermon-your- …

Mama Bear Moxie: Choosing to linger

I have a friend who chooses a word to focus on each year. A few years ago her word was “linger” as she was raising 3 little boys with a …

Mama Bear Moxie: Watching maturation in real time

My oldest son is 12 years old and has reached that point in his life where the past boyishness and future manliness collide in an awkward battle of teen angst. …

Mama Bear Moxie: Putting dreams on hold

I recently came across one of those life changing bits of wisdom on social media that stopped me in my tracks. The background was of a little boy playing baseball …