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You sort of had to be there


“What are you having there?”

“Beatle bar.”

“What do the Beatles have to do with ice cream on a stick?”

“It's a Beatle bar. They come in a box of four.”

“Oh, OK.”

Sandpoint Native Markets SF Giants

Since graduating from Sandpoint High School in 1999, Jens Weiden has won two World Series rings, run some of the nicest golf courses in the Bay Area, and rubbed elbows with the likes of Willie Mays, Magic Johnson, Shaq and countless other celebrities. Now Weiden is about to become the chief financial officer of the Rose Bowl, overseeing everything from ‘The Granddaddy of Them All’ football bowl game to Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concerts, not to mention UCLA football games, international soccer events and plenty more. To say hometown boy makes good would be stating the obvious for the 32-year-old Sandpoint native, who is currently the marketing manager for the San Francisco Giants, hoping his team can win a third World Series during Weiden’s sixth and final season with the Bay Area baseball team/Bill Plummer, Bonner County Bee. More here.

Question: If you could work for a professional sports team, what team would it be and what job would it be?

Today’s most ignorable PR email

“Hi, Paul. Father's Day is right around the corner and…”

No, it's not.

Would you pay more for a truck if…

…it has a little label attached to it that says “Heavy Duty”?

Back to school

I'm all for being honest with children.

But maybe there are still a few things that should be kept from them. Take, for instance, the fact that it's not even the 4th of July yet and marketing and PR people are sending out press releases that begin like this:

“Hi Paul,

“I know most newspapers are already drawing up back-to-school buying guides, and I wanted to reach out and let you know about this new product for children.”

It goes on to talk about a line of backpacks. One of them comes with a built-in blanket, which I am sure some kids would need if they knew the words “back to school” were already being uttered.

Spirit Airlines tosses out email ads for ‘The Weiner Sale’

Say what you will about Spirit Airlines, they're cheeky and not afraid to go out on the edge.

The company just launched a salty ad campaign pegged to the notoriety earned by New York Democrat Anthony Weiner.  The company is sending emails to customers and including this image, with a Weiner-esque reference.

The airline's marketing team believes in avoiding boring marketing messages. While this campaign can't be called boring, one wonders if it accomplished the real goal, motivating  people to buy tickets.

The company's publicly traded stock symbol is SAVE.