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Wilson, Tuel and links


FROM PULLMAN — At least two former Washington State football players will have a chance to earn their way onto NFL rosters this season. And the Cougars got a commitment from an in-state player whose WSU career is still ahead of him. Keep reading.

Marquess Wilson drafted by Chicago in 7th round


FROM PULLMAN — It was a long wait for former Washington State receiver Marquess Wilson, but he was finally drafted on Saturday by the Chicago Bears with the 236th overall pick (and 30th of the seventh round) in the NFL draft.

Wilson becomes the first WSU player drafted since offensive lineman Zack Williams was picked in the sixth round by Carolina in 2011.

The draft is winding down — as I write this, just nine picks remain — so it's looking pretty likely that Wilson will be the only Cougar player drafted this year. Quarterback Jeff Tuel and linebacker/defensive end Travis Long will likely be signed as undrafted free agents if neither is selected here toward the end.

Wilson's story is pretty well-known around these parts, so not sure it's really worth rehashing in its entirety. But if you find yourself wanting details, here are a couple stories to catch you up, as well as a story we wrote in March about Wilson's NFL prospects.

Prior to leaving WSU with three games remaining last season — and prompting a dual-pronged review of the football program after claiming abuse by the coaching staff — Wilson set WSU's career record for receiving yards with 3,207, along with 23 touchdowns in 33 games. Many thought he could be a first-round talent eventually, but things obviously changed after a sub-par 2012 season and everything that resulted afterward.

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Putting the past in the past


FROM PULLMAN — It's about time to get on an airplane and transport ourselves down to Oakland. But if memory serves, there are a few things we still need to wrap up from yesterday. Read on.

Marquess Wilson to Moos: “I was never trying to harm the university”


FROM PULLMAN — In his review of the WSU football program, WSU athletic director Bill Moos noted that "the departed player" — a reference to former receiver Marquess Wilson — had redacted his claims of abuse in a text message shortly after the UCLA game on Nov. 10, the same day Wilson announced his departure from the team in a letter to media.

In documents obtained by the Spokesman-Review through a public records request, that message from Wilson to Moos is included in a forwarded email from Moos to president Elson Floyd sent on Nov. 11 at 1:57 a.m.

Moos wrote to Floyd that the message was  "Sent to me at 11:33. Unfortunate as our guys gave a valiant effort and deserved to be the lead story."

The name of the sender is redacted in the document, but Wilson identifies himself in the text, which reads: "Mr. Moos this is marquess … With that letter I wasn't trying to accuse the coaches of hitting players or anything. I was just trying to put it in different terms and now everything is getting misinterpreted and I didn't mean it like that at all … I simply was trying to get my story across and get my name cleared instead of having it say I'm suspended for breaking team violations … That could mean like I did drugs or something … I was never trying to harm the university or the program with it."

That jives with what Moos told reporters in a conference call late Wednesday afternoon.

"He wanted to primarily tell the fans goodbye, I’ll miss you and that his suspension did not have to do with things that some of our earlier dismissals had to do in regards to behavior," Moos said.

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The day before Gonzaga


FROM PULLMAN — There's a big basketball game here tomorrow night, and we have some information on that front. But there are also a few football notes and links to pass along. Read on.

WSU, Pac-12 will investigate Marquess Wilson claims


FROM PULLMAN — In a statement released this morning, WSU president Elson Floyd announced he has asked the school's athletic department, as well as the Pac-12, to independently investigate Marquess Wilson's claims of abuse by the coaching staff.

Here is the statement:

"After consultation with WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos, I have asked our athletic department to fully review recent allegations raised concerning the football program and report their findings and conclusions as soon as possible. Simultaneously, I have asked the Pac-12 to independently do the same. Together, both reports should get to the bottom of the matter."

For more on Wilson, click here.

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Marquess Wilson announces departure from WSU


FROM PULLMAN — Marquess Wilson, in a statement faxed to the Spokesman-Review and other media outlets, has announced his departure from the Washington State football team. Below is a copy of the letter.

WSU receiver Marquess Wilson suspended


FROM PULLMAN — After reportedly walking out of a conditioning workout last night, WSU receiver Marquess Wilson has been suspended, a school spokesperson said. Read on.

Notes from a WSU scrimmage


FROM PULLMAN — Big plays dominated Washington State's scrimmage. Big plays that involved a few different receivers and both of the Cougars' competitors for the starting quarterback job. Read on for more.

Almost halfway through the first part


FROM PULLMAN — Today is Day 5 of a 10-day stretch during which Washington State will practice each day. Then they have a day off and a whole bunch of practices after that. We'll be at all of them, as we were yesterday. Links resulted. Read on.

DAY 5 FORECAST — High: 92 degrees, 32 percent humidity (Weather.com)

Day 12 in the books for WSU


FROM PULLMAN — Just one more practice remains now before WSU's spring game, as the Cougars went through their 12th workout of the spring on Tuesday. Not much news to pass along, though we do have some interesting notes after the jump.

A nameless first post


This feature wasn't supposed to start until Tuesday. Really haven't figured out a name yet – thanks for all the suggestions by the way, but want to run them by the boss and see what sticks – or a format, but what is the blogosphere better for than innovation and change? So what you see today may not be what you see tomorrow or next week or beyond. But for now, it is what it is, a bunch of question marks. Read on.