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Egan: Sobateurs In The Potato Salad

Just now, a cell of several hundred people has been dispatched into the American summer, to picnics, town halls, radio stations, hospitals and Little League playing fields, with a mission to derail the economic recovery and drum up support for sabotaging federal law. They’re not terrorists, nor are they agents of a foreign government. This is your United States Congress, the Republican House, on recess for the next five weeks. They even have a master plan, a 31-page kit put together by the House Republican Conference, for every member to follow while back home with the folks. It’s called “Fighting Washington for all Americans,” and includes a prototype op-ed piece, with a political version of the line usually reserved for dumping lovers: “This isn’t about me. It’s about you”/Tim Egan, New York Times. More here.

Question: Do you think our economy is recovering?

AM: Post Falls Park Plan On Agenda

Keegan Day, 4, plays on one of the swings at White Park in Post Falls during a trip Monday to the park with his father. The Post Falls City Council is expected to approve a Parks & Recreation facilities master plan when it meets tonight, including a dog park, splash pad, community center and trail improvements. Story here. (Coeur d'Alene Press photo: Jerome A. Pollos)

Open Space Plan Avoids Tubbs Hill

Item: Master plan to avoid Tubbs: Open Space Committee project will not mention possible trail alterations/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d'Alene Press

More Info: After some tweaks, the city's open space master plan probably won't mention a north side trail on Tubbs Hill after all. It won't mention alterations to the natural hiking hill that had been attached to the original McEuen Field conceptual plan more than a year ago, either. The city's Natural Open Space Committee agreed Wednesday to make the changes to its inaugural open space management plan draft at the request of the Tubbs Hill Foundation, which opposed listing specific changes to the natural hiking hill in the proposed plan.

Question: When you hike Tubbs Hill, do you hike all the way around Tubbs Hill, including along the uncertain trail on the north side?

Commissioners Clarify Garage Plan

The Board of County Commissioners has received several calls regarding an article in the Cd’A Press on Tuesday regarding the development of our Facilities Master Plan.  There appears to be some confusion as to the development of the Plan and the eventual implementation of the Plan. The Plan is a work in progress.  The Board is working with NAC Architecture and the plan is only about 50% complete.  The plan’s emphasis is to streamline our operations and consolidate County facilities as much as possible.  Currently, county facilities are very fractured in nature.  For example, we have court rooms in four separate locations with two of those locations being off the main campus.  The manpower required to service these sites is a substantial drain on county resources/Kootenai County commissioners news release. More here.

Question: The county goes on to say that the master plan includes a $27 million plan to build a new Justice Building and garage. What do you think of that idea?

MikeK: 15th Street Bike Path On Agenda

MikeK: The 2010 Trails and Bikeways Master Plan is on the agenda for approval. Can be found at

www.cdaid.org the first hotlink is “council meeting agenda and packet”. Then also on the agenda is the proposed conversion of parts of 15th street to a Class II bike path. The background and minutes of that topic is also at the same place - pdf of the … See More meeting packet. Should be interesting - I’ve been contacted by email and phone by a number of varied supporters of the 15th Street conversion - not contacted by any opponents as of yet.

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how important o you is a good system of bike paths in your community?